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8a2fb41d444b51dce459ace4f97acdc9 Every single time I go home to visit my parents, I’m immediately transported back to my childhood. The second I open the door. There’s the scent of home that stays with you, and this is much the same for wherever you home is. Our home had a mix of lavender-vanilla-freshness all stirred together in the air. Every single time I come back to my home after visiting my parents, it’s quite the same feeling when I open my suitcase as the perfumes of home have been infused in each follicle in my clothes. And so, here are a few tips on having a perfectly scented home as it is perfect for when guests visit or for your {maybe future} children to cherish…


Place your candle in the center of a room. The slightest wind or breeze can burn the excess wick instead of burning straight and evenly. An even lit and burning candle will maximize the aroma.


Burn candles no more than 3 hours at a time and warming oil for 1 hour. If you are steaming oil during a dinner party dilute 3 parts oil with 1 part water.


Instead of blowing out the candle, drowned the wick in the liquid wax. Then cock the wick back up again so it doesn’t get stuck in the dried wax. This will eliminate the smoke and smell that follows when blowing out a candle.


Before lighting your candle, be sure the wick is just about 5mm. This will ensure that the flame is not too big, which can discolor the candle vessel. If you cut your wick too much, tilt the candle horizontally whilst holding a lit match. Circle the flame around the wick.


The first time you light your candle, burn it until the whole top is liquid. This will allow your candle to evenly burn for the future.

{a few of my favorite candles & scents}

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{image from Diptyque Paris}

  • You are so informed in candles!!! I had no idea of all the tips above, but everything good is in the details, right? 🙂

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • such great tips! i never knew that you should burn a candle in the center of a room but it totally makes sense. thanks for the advice!

  • This photo is everything! Loved the post x


  • These are such great tips, specially drowning the wick in the wax because there is nothing more annoying than that smell after burning a candle, it just makes the nice scents disappear! X

    | |

  • Katherine Byrnes

    Tip #3 and #5 are the most important in my opinion. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Do you know anything about wooden wick candles, I failed with my first one in pumpkin vanilla but next time i gotta keep it together.

    • What?! Wooden wicks? I’m so intrigued and no I don’t. But please write about it on your blog? I would love to learn a bit more. I’m an avid candle burner haha x

      • Katherine Byrnes

        Yup Wooden Wicks existed. I am going to have to and research more on keeping them good. You see when you light them the wood crackles giving it a fireplace setting without even being there LOL