street style | trench coat edition



♫♪ Adele – Hometown Glory

And as this time of year comes around, when the leave gradually change colors and the evenings bring a bit of a brisk breeze, the daily commuters and the afternoon walkers are adorned with trench coats. Of a wide variety in materials, colors, lengths and styles. Sometimes style with a scarf, or stellar heels, or simple jewels, or a braid. And {mr. c&é} pairs it with his best loafers. Thus, there is nothing more lovely than a simple outfit, accompanied with flats, topped with a trench coat, and garnished with a bold lip. So as the trench coat season is in full force, here is a little compilation of the most wonderful trench coats styles among the world’s concrete catwalk from Burberry…


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{brought to you by Burberry curated on Art of the Trench}