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{top} gifted
{leggings} american apparel
{jewelry} from India
{heels} ralph lauren
{scarf} c/o craftisan | with craftsan here too
{photographed by} Shariq Siddiqui

My father, mother, grandparents, and soon after my little brother. We all lived together under one roof and though it seemed a bit cramped when I was growing up in a one bedroom apartment, it was such a beautiful experience. The experience and time spent with my grandfather and grandmother. To experience the legacy of where my ancestry come from and to understand all of its intricacies. I remember from when I was very, very young my grandmother would sit with me before I headed off to bed and tell me Indian folktales and stories. Always an eye opening experiencing and one of the sweetest memory I have and will take on with me forever. To me, it’s important that I take my culture with me as I move along in life. Being brought up in the Western world, it is rather difficult to keep those cultural appreciations alive. And so a glimpse of my Indian heritage, from me to you…

{the craftisan impact}

I am honored to be collaborating with an institution that I am truly passionate about. A place where beauty and service come together. Craftisan celebrates and promotes the philosophy of handwork with a diverse Indian ethos. A company that celebrates its creators and their creativity to adorn, decorate and use in everyday life. Please take a look through Craftisan’s curation as they work with artisans, master craftspersons and NGOs across India. To not only promote equality, but also place India’s craftsmanship in the spotlight. You can visit Craftisan here and please do sign up for their newsletter covering their latest projects.

  • I love the way you embrace your heritage. You look incredibly beautiful in more traditional clothes.

  • Lindsey O’Donnell

    Hi Supal, I never comment on blogs but had to comment on this post. You are an outstanding young lady and I’m so happy that you are a great role model for young girls like my own daughter. I see my daughter reading your blog sometimes and since started following you from Facebook. Thank you for sharing meaningful posts everyday. May you be blessed with all the wonderful things you hope for. -Lindsey

    • Leah

      my mom and i love reading your posts!! you are so beautiful supal and I’m so happy to have found your blog.

    • Thank you so much for the sweet words! I’m so happy to hear c&é is a place where you and your daughter can visit together. x

  • Lately you’ve been up to great things and collaborations, with the most touching purposes! This is great and all I can say is congratulations! You look absolutely beautiful and stunning! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • I’m so happy to hear that and glad you are liking them!! My biggest fear about collaborations is getting lost in all of it and losing my identity. Hope you all are learning more and more about me though 🙂 x

  • Melanie

    your posts are getting better and better I agree with Diana below!!!

  • AlyssaD

    Beautiful post!

  • Hi Supal, it was fun shooting with you! And of course the heritage angle resonated with me as well…

  • I’m loving Craftisan! And I totally agree, growing up with my grandparents was the luckiest thing in the world. So much history and perspective! Hearing about my grandma’s transitions from rural totally, tech-free India to modern India to Canada—amazing! Oh, and that grounding feeling of knowing one’s own ancestors… 🙂

  • That is such a lovely story Supal, I’m glad you take with you your heritage wherever you go. I’m sure you wear those beautiful clothes with pride. Beautiful as always! X

    | http://www.noirettediary.com |

  • I love traditional indian clothing.