DIY gold leaf frames



As you already know, I absolutely love accents of gold. Gilded touches to a home add an ounce of glamour and elegance to any space. And since I’m currently in the process of sprucing up my space with momentos and photographs, I couldn’t help but find vintage frames and craft my own gold leaf frames. And so a tutorial for you to utilize of course as you make the appropriate changes and updates to your home as the holiday guests ready themselves to soon visit…




{you will need}

wooden frames, thrifted or antique
gold leaf, 25-35 sheets
water-based acrylic gold size, with adhesive
clear shellac varnish, clear
paint brushes




{step one}

Remove the frame, back and artwork-so only the frame is visible. Clean with a lightly damp washcloth to remove dirt and dust. Apply one coat water-based acrylic gold size with a paintbrush to the entire frame.




{step two}

Allow the frame dry for at least 20 minutes if not a little more. Be sure to check if you have gotten all the inner and exterior corners with the gold size.




{step three}

Once the white liquid is dry enough so it looks clear. Pick up a gold sheet with tweezers and place over the frame.




{step four}

With a second soft brush that is clean, press down the gold leaf on the frame with the adhesive surface.




{step five}

Continue to follow step four until you have full coverage or in your desired area.You can do only the corners or just apply enough gold leaf for a crinkle effect.




{step six}

When the desired area is covered in gold leaf, smooth out the creases and brush away any of the debris.




{step seven}

Then with the second brush that you used from step four, seal the surface with clear shellac. And allow the frame to dry for about 30 minutes.




You can use these frames as a party favor, table scape decoration, to display a print or art, and even to just lean against the wall without anything in it. Quite versatile, easy and fun to make!


* * *
{photographed and shared on Editer}