incorporating art into your home


It wasn’t too long ago that I shared a gift guide on giving art.The same father-son duo made a much necessary visit to my house as I discovered finding a place for very first piece of art was quite the task. I wanted it to pop, but didn’t want it to look misplaced. So here are some of their tips on incorporating art into your home.

{go big in a small space}

Smaller places filled with even smaller pieces can complicate the energy in the room making it look a bit crowded or cramped. Simplicity is key. On the largest wall in that space, place your artwork and it will bring the room together rather than distracting the eye.


{balance it out}

This is where I came in. Placing up art is like wearing bright colored trousers. I’m always a bit worried about people staring. The easiest way to incorporate it is balance it out with other pieces on a gallery wall. Hang it with personal photographs and prints.


{place it where the eye meets}

Put the art where your eye would naturally go. If you just moved into a new space, this may take time to figure out. Usually, behind a toilet isn’t the best spot in a bathroom. Try above the towels or the first wall you see when you walk in.


{choose accent colors}

Colors obviously play a significant role in how art intermingles with your room. Choosing alternative, accent colors in relation to the rest of the room will help bring the natural eye to it. If the room is bright and vibrant, like pale yellow walls, use a piece that is neutral like feather grey.


{alternating arrangements}

It could come off as if you’re trying too hard if you place art work on a plain wall. Try displaying them in different ways and on different levels. Lean a frame against the wall on a mantle or a side table, place behind stacked magazines, or on a bookshelf.

Hope these tips were helpful. Eventually, I would like to put together an art purchasing guide. c&é is so fond of art and hopefully has a modest collection of her own.

* * *
{images via The Everygirl | photographed by Jennifer Kathryn Photography}