men’s watch basics

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As you probably have seen from here and here, my brother is quite the collector of watches. Of all kinds, frames, bands, and other sorts. He doesn’t have very many at once as he prefers to be on a constant, and latest style, rotation. So it was natural for me to ask him to give me and my fellow readers basic tips on men’s watches. But do keep in mind, these basics can be applied to women’s watches too…

{emotional value}

In this day in age where technology has advanced to replace the timepiece, watches are now investment pieces. Sure, our grandfather passed down his Rolex to my father who then passed it down to my brother, but watches have become a piece of jewelry. A statement or a way to understand one’s style.

{mr. c&é | 5E : men's watches}


When you are looking for a watch, consider your style first. Are you someone who wears black or browns. Modern cut suits or wide lapel blazers. Daily sport activities or sitting behind a desk. You can choose a watch that is sporty (often made of rubber or canvas), classic (leather), vintage (mesh or rectangle links). And you want to consider your arm and wrist size. Larger faced watches look better on wider wrists. When starting a collection, pick a watch you know you will wear.

{high street}

When my brother first started collecting watches he went for brands and styles that were more affordable. He knew they weren’t investment pieces, but he wanted to get into the habit of wearing watches and utilizing them in terms of styles. High-street watches that are both affordable and quality watches often range from $75 to $200. That’s not to say that you can find cheaper watches that are of great quality.

{mr. c&é | 5E : men's watches}


You will pay a bit more on these watches, with prices starting at $300, but they are worth the investment. If you are getting serious about collecting watches, your trendier watches should be designer. They are the ones that I usually buy and sell and have on constant rotation.


The luxury watch market is quite diverse, contrary to popular belief. In terms of style and elegance there are an array of options. In addition, luxury watches don’t necessarily have to be all about aesthetics, but also where they are made. For example, Shinola makes a beautiful watch that I would categorize as a luxury brand. Their style can be translated through other more economical brands, but it’s the fact that they’re fully American made with the finest materials and precision. Invest in a luxury timepiece as it is an investment and will always have a good resale value when you need it most.

{mr. c&é | 5E : men's watches}