mandarin-indian spiced shortbread cookies

mandarin nankathai recipe
mandarin nankathai recipe
mandarin nankathai recipe

Holiday baking is something I’m quite used to. This time of the year we seek comfort and warmth more than any other holiday or season. And as much as I do enjoy spending this time with friends and family, I find myself finding comfort in the nuances that is holiday baking. Spending time in the kitchen producing comfort food that can be shared with anyone and everyone.

Growing up in an Indian household, we always had traditional sweets and treats available to us. My mom, this time of the year, would make nankathai. A lightly sweetened and spiced biscuit that is absolutely perfect to leave on the kitchen counter so everyone can enjoy during the holiday party. I added a little mandarin essence to it to add a bit of holiday flair.

And so a recipe from my mother, adapted by me, from our home to yours.

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