30 january 2015

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on visiting home and unconditional love

Last week I visited home for just about a week. It was something that was absolutely necessary, I was almost blaming heartache to the gloomier weather. In reality, it was the very fact that I was missing the visibility of unconditional love. I’m going to boast a little, but I have the best family in the world. Parents who tell people I’m a blogger and involved in international affairs. A brother that brings up in conversation-after-conversation to his friends and networks because he’s proud. They continue to push me in directions that I never even fathomed would be possible, both mentally and emotionally, only making it possible for me with their financial capacity. The same finances that they could be using to travel the world like all their friends. But there is something so genuine and simple in their hearts that boundless. It’s remarkable.

That feeling of having someone there is so important. I never realized until I was sitting in the family room with my mom on the right sharing the love seat with me and my father sitting on the left in his standard reclined position. Then my brother walking in and his voice echoes through the house with “didi” – sister in Hindi. And so when I boarded the flight back to London the very first thought and question that filled my thoughts was “what is it that I’m going back to London for? I’m not looking forward to anything.” And that was precisely the moment tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. Much like right now as I write this note.

Though it’s difficult, I realized I’m not alone. Much less I have found comfort in close friends with similar situations like Alina, the incredible opportunities that have come across my desk unique to this city only, the prospect to grow personally and professionally, and of course my fan club that reside in a place called home.

This weekend, since I missed the last, will be filled with lots of catching-up with friends and correspondences with networks.
Hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend ahead!
xo. -S

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{20 feb} via chevrons & éclairs
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Photos by Lizzie Mann in Hyde Park

  • I know what you’re talking about! It took me a year of living abroad having hardly any contact with most of my family members to realise how important they all are to me. These are the people who don’t ask too many questions, they just love and respect you.

  • Your words are so touching and you are incredibly blessed to have a lovely, supportive family! 🙂
    I’m wishing you a beautiful time Supal! <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • What a great post! The inspirations are lovely as well.

    Hannie at // Chapters Like This //.

  • Stephanie Louise

    Lovely photos! Everything is so beautiful and calming. It’s so nice to have family such as that, especially the ones that support you and your dreams and are always motivating you. Keep up the wonderful work. x

  • Hannah

    Stunning photographs! Living away from family is hard, I always find myself shedding a few tears on the trip back! But it makes every moment you have with them extra special 🙂

    Dimples Diaries


    • Ah, Hannah, it’s always so rough isn’t it? But the moment that I spend them is indeed wonderful 🙂 x

  • great photographs. love your rings!

    x Fiona

  • You look amazing and all the pictures are so calm and peaceful!


  • Those tears on the journeys back are probably the hardest and you always question yourself whether you are going back to your new home or a strange place, strange city. I promise you it gets easier with time – still upsetting and sad at that moment, but a bit easier. And since we should always look for positives even in the most upsetting situations, do you know what’s good in all this? That next time you see your family it will be even more special, you will have a lovely time together and you will treasure those moments. Sending you the biggest hugs, my dear! xx

  • donna w.

    Hey Supal!

    What a touching post! I am sooo happy you were able to spend some quality time with your family. Beautiful photographs as always! We need to catch up soon.


    • Thank you! It’s because of that trip I keep missing your email… just trying to play catch up on a whole lot of things! x