resolutions at work

{resolutions in the office} via chevrons & éclairs

Most of us here are either professionals or students or just someone with goals
and aspirations, one with plans. It’s one thing I stress here on c&é,
to emancipate from the erected walls of life and to push yourself. And so,
to continue the tradition of words for the new year, a few resolutions for
personal and professional development…


Rather than focusing on ticking off boxes on the to-do list, one habit
I’ve recently acquired was to focus on just one or two major things
in a single day.

{resolutions in the office} via chevrons & éclairs


Most people believe in goals, as I am one of them. One of my closest
friends, who is an accountant for an incredible company, told me his mentor
at work told him to focus on developing good habits and practices. Putting
effort into quality practices will inevitably result in achieving enduring
results surpassing your initially drafted goals.


Part of my profession is to know people, know regions, know industries and
be well-rounded. It’s important to read, travel and use experiences from
everyday life to bring resolutions to problems.

{resolutions in the office} via chevrons & éclairs


I know I’m writing this now, but one month from now I will have to
come back to this post and remind myself to let go and breathe. Life is
consumed of many little things, it doesn’t revolve around a single entity.
Though I want to succeed in my professional endeavors, I also want to be
able to stop, relax and recharge.

What are some of your professional resolutions for 2015?