volume three

{literary lust : volume 3}

it’s the words on the pages of the novel that comes to life

Most of you have always quite enjoyed the literary lust series as it gives you a glimpse of what inspires me daily, on this blog and everyday life. From a litany of things like the writing on this blog to the narratives I share and find so important to share with you. Most of what I read consists of array of genres, and yes I do juggle multiple books at once. This collection, though limited, is themed.

the paris wife

Insert my favorite era the 1920s in the flourishing and culturally exciting Paris. Hadley Richardson, who has given up everything surrounding love and happiness, has fallen in love with the ever-so charming Mr. Ernest Hemingway. Their ‘love’ story writes itself, quite literally, as they get married and move from Michigan to Paris and meander throughout Western Europe to keep Hemingway’s inspiration alive. Written in Hadley’s voice, she talks about her experiences as the wife of Hemingway as he tries to write his way into literary destiny. Hadley describes her role as a muse, then wife and then the challenges they face personally and financially. It is actually a heartbreaking portrayal of love and loyalty and makes me look at Hemingway in a completely different light.

{literary lust : volume 3}

a moveable feast

After reading The Paris Wife, I almost demanded answers from Hemingway. Hoping to find some closure, I attempted to read through A Moveable Feast, which is a collection of diary-like narratives about a lot of the experiences Hadley considers in The Paris Wife, but in the voice and opinion of Hemingway. It elucidates some of his thought process, his feelings and explores various themes that the reader questions in The Paris Wife though doesn’t do it much justice.

I know these are quite the contrary to happy pieces and segments I’ve chosen in the past, but it’s a fascinating look into the world of the free-loving Jazz Age Paris and the height of literary innovation.

{literary lust : volume 3} {literary lust : volume 3}

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  • The Paris Wife has just moved it’s way to the top of my list!

  • Oh I just love this! Anything Paris and Hemingway is a go in my book! 🙂

  • I read The Paris Wife a couple years ago and thought it was very interesting. It definitely made me want to learn more about Hemingway. Also, those postcards are so pretty!

    • It almost made me hate him haha, and I love classic lit so I was a bit gutted… but haven’t read any of his works since!