winter grapefruit face-mask

{grapefruit winter mask} via chevrons & éclairs

This time of the year after all the holiday parties and then new years eve, endless sweets and christmas puddings, the late nights and earliest of mornings, and of course the brisk weather has quite the impact on my skin. From uneven skin tones to unattainable blemishes. As January continues, I try to limit succumb to my skin needs and relax on weekends to rejuvenate. Simple things like sleeping more and spending days without make up has the greatest impact. Though, a quick and easy winter face-mask that I live by every year brings evenness back. I try to stick with simple products and ingredients to take advantage of all the natural nutrients and vitamins, and so a three ingredient winter face-mask…

{grapefruit winter mask} via chevrons & éclairs
{grapefruit winter mask} via chevrons & éclairs
{grapefruit winter mask} via chevrons & éclairs


two tablespoons of oats provide a natural exfoliant. It contains anti-inflammatory compounds that help soothe dry, irritated skin. The perfect ingredient for the cold, brutal weather.


three tablespoons or more of full-fat milk. Contrary to popular belief, diary is incredible for your skin as milk baths were widely practiced during Ancient Egypt. The fat solubles fight against acne-prone bacteria and germs and in turn brightens and tightens skin.

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the juice of half a grapefruit will provide the necessary citric acid to exfoliate dead skin and boost collagen whilst the vitamin C brightens and tones complexion. This will rid any puffiness your skin is experiencing.

Simply mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, apply generously on skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash off with warm water. I do this face-mask once a week for the entire month of January.

{grapefruit winter mask} via chevrons & éclairs

  • I’ll have to try this face mask sometime in the near future. I really need to make more of an effort to keep my skin looking great during this time of year, and I like the idea of using homemade products. Thank you so much for sharing!


    • I’m the same as you, love the use of household, natural products. It feels so much more impactful. I think you’ll like it, let me know how you get on! x

  • This sounds like a lovely face mask recipe, i love the smell of grapefruit too so this is a nice added bonus. x

  • I’ve never made myself a face mask using natural kitchen ingredients but I should definitely change this soon. If I can get a lovely skin like yours using this mask, then I’m up for it! xx

  • This sounds heavenly! Just discovered your blog, love!

    xo Jessica

    My Style Vita