jaipur, india



a city with a royal past

It has been a few years since I visited Jaipur, but the most majestic of cities
I have visited in all of India is the title it still deserves. Rajasthan’s capital,
it is a purely historical city adorned with colorful palaces and estates.
A splendor that boasts its royal past evoking a different pace and another world.
And so a little diary of my visit a few years back and a highly suggested place to visit…




a bit of sightseeing

At the heart of the modern-day busy city, one with a chaotic ebb-and-flow,
the City Palace houses the former royal family’s belongings and untouched history.
Depicting stories through natural artifacts. Jantar Mantar,
the royal observatory, exemplifies India’s beliefs and advancements in astrology.
The honeycomb Hawa Mahal, once housing the concubines of the statesmen,
gazes on the bazaar below and exudes a quiet and serene atmosphere with its large baths
and snow white marble. And just past the gates of the main city,
stands erect in the arid hill country surrounding the city,
the grandeur of Amber Fort.




places to stay

Of all things luxury and opulence, Jaipur provides the most stunning of accommodation
transporting you directly to the time of the maharajas as hotels
are former estates and humble-sized palaces. Jai Mahal Palace has majestic gardens
in which you enjoy your morning breakfast and afternoon tea. The Raj Palace,
once a royal family home gives you the ultimate period experience.
Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, a heritage hotel, is known for its very
lavish experiences inclusive of a pool and spa and
peacocks roaming the grounds.