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“style is more than anything else, it is an expression of personal choice.”
–Tom Ford

I’m lucky enough to know a diversity of people with such distinct talents and backgrounds. Chaz was someone I knew in grade school and though our paths have taken us to different parts of the world and disparate industries, it’s always nice to know that there is someone you can count on to educate you {or your readers} about something you don’t have much of a background in. And so, a post from a typical mr. c&é, about men’s hair trends and tips.

What key men’s hairstyle trends will we see in 2015? What are you excited most for?
We will more than likely see in 2015 that men’s hair styles will be continued from the past two years. The early 1900s comb over. A few variations of it. I feel like the combover is the new “faux hawk” it looks good and works well on everyone. From kids to attorneys to middle aged professional dads. The new hit is the man bun and the slick back. The slick back became more popular when the movie “Fury” starring Brad Pitt came out. His hair style in that movie, inspired by the mid-1940s around World War II, is what everyone is transferring to from the combover. The man bun has two different variants. All natural grown out to tie into a top knot or a grown out slick back long enough to put in a hair tie. Very blunt disconnected dramatic haircuts are what’s in! I’m most excited to see the older crowd grasping on to their youth by trying these styles out.




Are there any products you recommend or can’t live without?
Now with all the hairstyles being more intricate, men are finding themselves in front of the mirror more. And their significant others are noticing it as well. Men are finding the use of a blow dryer and multiple products at once. I like to call it “cocktailing” products is the best way to acquire the desired style. Considering that men’s grooming is in full effect, American Crew always has some perfect products for all types of finishes. From wet to dry to natural shine finishes. Paul Mitchell went and came out with a full line of men’s products called “Mitch” another great answer for men looking for the perfect product. But do your research and find someone who can recommend what is perfect for your style and hair type. Theirs even a product by American Crew called “boost powder” a genius solution for the guys with fine or thinning hair who want volume. I personally like Paul Mitchell reformer, American crew boost powder, Paul Mitchell sculpting foam and Paul Mitchell hair spray. In 2015, we need to get rid of the cheap gel products. Anything loaded up with alcohol just isn’t going to be good for many reasons. Just to name a few reasons: it dries your hair out leaving it flakey and over styled looking. The guys with thinner hair need to focus on the more dry or matte finish products to help keep their hair as full looking as possible. Gels it any other really liquidy consistency products just aren’t going to give you what you want for a finished product that will look good last all day and not have an over styled appearance


Now on to care and maintenance. What is the biggest mistake guys make when it comes to caring for their hair? What habits should all men live by for healthy hair and/or scalp? What are some healthy tips for winter?
Some tips and common mistakes is to keep your hair healthy by washing and preparation. Although sometimes your hair does cooperate better when it’s dirty, you need to be washing it if you are styling it with lots of product. If you have a lot of stuff in your hair and maybe haven’t washed it in a day or so, shampoo it twice in the shower. Shampoo is like soap. When you shampoo your hair, if it doesn’t sud up a lot it’s because your hair is extra dirty. And don’t, don’t, don’t forget to condition. The conditioner is what helps moisturize your scalp and keep your hair soft. When styling your hair you want to keep your hair as dry as possible for the best finish. Everyone’s mistake they make is thinking Its easier to apply product when your hair is wet. Wrong. By drying your hair completely you make it easier to feel when the product is evenly distributed resulting in no build up or patches of product and patches of dry hair.


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Many guys around mid-20s start stressing about their receding hairlines, any styling tips for men with receding hairline? What about hair loss prevention tips? Anything to thicken hair?
Men with receding hair lines or thinning hair need to embrace it. Don’t try to hide or cover it up. If your hair is thinning the best way to have it cut is have everything around it super short. I.e. Sides and back nice and tight and the top just long enough to style. It’s most noticeable when you see someone with long hair that’s thinning than a shorter hair style that’s thinning. Again with the dry products and boost powder you will get the best results in a full look. Nioxin is also a great product for replacing your regular shampoo and conditioner. It won’t make hair that stopped growing come back, but it will help keep what you have nice and full for longer. So if you feel you’re on your way to thinning hair, maybe consult with your stylist/barber about Nioxin. It’s even popular for women with fine hair. If you can afford the hair transplant surgery, go for it. The earlier you catch your hair thinning the more miles you can put in. In my opinion, the pills and things you take have too gnarly of side effects to even dabble with. Another good thing right now, is the beard epidemic. Guys with super thinning or balding hair can grow out a big beard and knock their hair on their head down to a stubble and immediately become sexy. So. Embrace it. Don’t try to hide it

What do you think is the best look for mr. c&é?
For 2015, I would have to say the best look for the everyday man is going to be super short in the sides, back almost bald, and at least a solid 4-5 inches minimum on the top. This leaves you being able to slick it back or push it over to the sides. The top being left alone and sides being short gives you the image of a clean cut style because it will be off your ears and not crazy. Your neck and the top will have enough their to have fun with. So go out their and explore. Buy yourself some products. YouTube styles and get a blow dryer.




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{all photographs by The Hons}