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I’ve posted over and over again many pairs of my heels on Instagram,
a few have asked how I take care of my heels. I’m very hard on my shoes and
whilst living in a city like London, I prefer to walk and commute by feet or
train or bus. And so I found it only appropriate to share some of the rules
and tips I follow to take care of my everyday heels.

soles & slips

Whenever I get a quality pair of heels, I get the the soles protected by
visiting a local shoe cobbler. I never use rubber inserts in heels as I don’t find them very comfortable.
Though a game-changer for me is adding heel slips that run just down the
bottom of my foot. This obviously keeps your heel from slipping out and your foot
from cramming in the front, but also keeps the back of your heels intact and
prevents creases forming especially on leather heels.

heel tips

The second the nail starts to show through on your heels it is either time to get
rid of the heels, or if you’re like me who gets attached to her shoes, visit your
shoe cobbler again and get the heels replaces. It’s best to get this done by a
professional so it lasts longer.

spray protect

In a rainy city like London, you will find your suede, leather and satin needs
constant protection. I will spray my shoes with protectant every three wears.
I usually have a spray for satin, suede and leather and will use stain removing
wipes for cloth-based heels after each wear. It may be useful to lookout for spray
protectant that is multi-fabric use so you don’t have a collection of canisters.


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removing marks

For removing marks, both black and white, which is quite prevalent on patent leather
heels a Mr Clean Eraser does wonders. I was a bit hesitant to rub something with
a rougher texture on my designer patent leather heels,
but it always gets the job done and goes a long way.

cleaning patent leather

A combination of baby wipes and just a little drop of petroleum jelly.
Sometimes if the wipes are too moist and it leaves liquid remnants,
just use a paper towel to wipe it up for casino. You can get patent leather wipes,
but it really isn’t worth it.

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  • Thanks for the tips, Supal! Definitely helping – been wearing more heels since I started working and in the Scottish weather and cobbled streets they have been really hit!

    • Haha! I had to throw out my heels at the end of St. Andrews. Good luck! Also, for cobblestones, wedges are a great idea! x

  • life is a shoe

    loving these selection of pumps!