rhubarb and rose scones

{summer picnics with Harrods} via chevrons & éclairs


just enough floral essence

When I think of Valentine’s day I think of… sweet treat, the color pink, frocks, baked goods, a bit of homemade and sharing. It just rolls off the tongue natural, doesn’t it? In grade-school, when all of us would bring in Valentine’s to share with all the other students and sometimes to teacher too, I distinctly remember when my grade three teach baked us treats. Scones to be exact. Ones that had little bits of strawberries in it and sprinkled with sugar on top. The crumbly sugar that you usually see on pastries. It made the morning of Valentine’s day that much special. And so I’m taking you back to my grade three days and baking you a slightly different version of Ms. Pinkerton’s {how perfect is that name too?} strawberry bit scones and sharing something that’s mine…

* * *

rhubarb-rose scones

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