the brisk months

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in the depths of winter

Considering the fact that I grew up in tropical climates, my adolescence was often spent
in places where winter could be quite long and brutal. Short days, chapped lips and
itchy knits. Though I quite enjoyed dressing in layers and the indulgences that winter
brings like hot chocolates, it is easy to become overwhelmed by these brisk months.
And so a few tips to overcome these winter woes…


{the briskest month} via chevrons & éclairs

wake-up earlier

Even though the sun rises later, take advantage of every single minute the sun is out.
When I was studying at St. Andrews, I would rise right before the sun came up and
enjoyed my cup of coffee and bowl of porridge watching it over the mountains instead
of sleeping through half the time sunlight was available.


One of my biggest qualms, and many of yours probably too, is chapped lips and dried
hands. I put together a very little beauty pouch of necessities to keep my skin and
lips moisturized during these months. Here are a few of my suggestions…


{the briskest month} via chevrons & éclairs


act on your resolutions

Most people forget about their resolutions after the month of January. It’s best
to spend this time setting weekly and monthly goals and trying to meet them ahead
to time. If reading more is one of your resolutions, visit local book stores and
sign-up for the library. Spend a late afternoon reading in a cafe.

take up a hobby

This is something that I love doing. A few winters ago, I decided to teach myself
chess. Not only was it a hobby that I picked up quite easily as I shared games with
friends and family, but it became a new hobby and skill set. Do you have a hobby
you’re itching to try? I’ve recently started knitting whilst watching old films I’ve
never seen.


{the briskest month} via chevrons & éclairs
{the briskest month} via chevrons & éclairs


embrace the season

Sometimes it’s best to just live in the present. If you’re fortunate to have snow,
go sledding or ice skating. Go on a walk as it is quite dramatically beautiful this
time of the year. Look for winter activities to do outside with some friends or family.


{the briskest month} via chevrons & éclairs

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