cairo, egypt



where the ancient world juxtaposes with modernity

By far one of the most fascinating places I’ve visited in my lifetime thus far is Cairo.
And though it will be hard to top, I’m sure there are so many more cities in this world
that can easily compete with its ranks in my books. A city so urban, populated, and yet
has the power to uphold an ancient history that is so distinctive to everyday life today.
One taxi ride can pass grand avenues, essential mosques, 19th century palaces, and views
of the Nile or the distant pyramids of Giza. There is a unique energy and charm to this
city that cannot be compared, which is why it is considered the “mother of the world”.



two distinctive histories, one vibrant city

Since the city has so much to offer it can be rather difficult to narrow what you should visit and what you should leave for your next visit. The pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, with its epic views from all corners of the city, is an absolute. Standing erect since its days of the pharaonic dynasty. The Egyptian Museum then houses the beautiful artifacts of what is left of ancient Egyptian history from sculptures to mummies and absolutely stunning gems and headpieces. Enjoy a little stroll or a picnic in Al-Azhar Park, which was once a mountain of garbage transformed by the Agha Khan Trust for Culture as Cairo’s only park. The Museum of Islamic Art is the world’s most impressive collection. But make sure you don’t leave with a few gifts from Khan al-Khalili market the most energized and unique shopping experience you will have, I’m sure.