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onto new beginnings…

Many of you know that the blog is just a side hobby of mine that has fortunately landed me opportunities in the fashion industry. Through the last several months, more like a year, I’ve taken more external design projects and used c&é, the blog, as a front door to almost like an office space. A curation of beautiful things that speaks to my style and taste. In the last few months, I was contacted on a more personal capacity to provide background on business and political climates about ventures designers are taking.

Ever since the inception of c&é in 2011, my passion for fashion and design evolved. Though my true aspirations were to continue to thrive in a career in international affairs and economics, my blog career started to pick up too leaving me stretched thin. My professional and blog worlds are quite distinctive in that I lead two very different lives. And so, as I searched for creative discovery and intellectual curiosity, I came to realize that I needed to blend my worlds to live a fulfilled life. I packed my bags, moved to a new country, set sail in a thriving city, and began networking in both my worlds. Opportunities started to appear, challenges were met, and I finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I am officially globalizing c&é by opening the doors to the C&É Consultancy, a firm that maximizes the needs of brands and designers marrying business strategy with design elements producing analytical innovation! I’ve taken not only my side hobby, my virtual tree house, an escape to utopia, but my academic career from Miami University to the University of St. Andrews, and created something that not only showers its visitors with the beauty of everyday, but navigates designers to develop stronger brands!


{c&é consultancy} via chevrons & éclairs

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If you are a new-generation fashion or interior designer or in the boutique hospitality industry and would like to know more about our services, please visit our page to get more insight in the services we offer.

You can get better insight and background on my experience, the services and client results by downloading our promotional kit!

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This will not change the nature of c&é-the blog in anyway. Things will remain the same and I really hope you continue to find the content ever-so inspiring. It only means I will be now taking on personal projects that enables me to work with companies, designers and other businesses to help them. Here’s to hoping this new endeavor is as exciting as it seems!

Thank you for all your love and support that has already started coming in. I’m looking forward to continuing my story here on c&é!

  • Natasha

    CONGRATULATIONS!! supal, ever since i started reading your blog 2 years ago it seems you have been growing and growing. What an inspiration you are to the community and to women everywhere! Warm regards to you! xo

  • Sarah

    Congrats, baby girl!!! So proud of everything you have achieved!!! Time to pop the champagne ; ) xxx

  • leah barnett

    this is wonderful news, supal! congratulations to you on such an achievement. You have continued to push me to never settle, stay humble, and continue working. i am in my 2nd year of law school and your blog has kept me grounded. thank you for all that you do for us! xoxo

  • Congratulations and well done my dear! So incredibly excited and happy for you! It’s amazing how you could blend your two worlds and lives together and create this amazing firm, I wish you all the very best and keeping my fingers crossed for fabulous projects ahead! xxx

  • rhea p.

    congratulations and best wishes, supal xoxo

  • Congratulations you champ… I am so, so proud of you!! Many amazing things will be coming your way and you’re going to be GREAT!! xoxox

  • Congrats and the best wishes.

  • Congratulations!!!!!!! This is so exciting!


  • Congrats Supal! This is amazing!!!!

  • Congratulations on your new venture!

    • Ah thank you so much, Natalie! I actually was thinking of emailing you… expect something soonish 🙂 x

  • Wooo Supal! This is crazy exciting!! I’m sure you’ll find it so rewarding to merge both sides of your life and all those opportunities are just waiting for you!! <3

  • Tanvi

    Congratulations! This is exciting. All the best!

    ∞ ∞

  • Lucy Stranton

    Congratulations, Supal! I am so happy for you. You are so inspiring through everything you do! Did you by chance design your own promotional kit?

  • Artsy Forager

    Congratulations to you! Such exciting news and no doubt your new business will be a smashing success! I began a similar journey a year and a half ago and it has ( and continues to be ) amazing!

  • Congrats girl! This sounds like such an exciting adventure!!! Best of luck!!! PS I love your handwriting 🙂


    Dimples of Dixie

  • Congrats!! That’s so exciting! Hard work pays off 🙂 love your blog!

    xo, Katy

  • I’m so happy and excited with this post!
    I’d love to take part, but sadly I have to take my degree and keep working, to see what I’m going to do next! But I will definitely talk with you about my plans!
    Thank you so much Supal for this amazing opportunity! 😀 <3

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

  • Pranali Dalvi

    Congrats, Supal!!! You are such an inspiration! 🙂 Good luck for your new venture – I’m sure you’ll rock!

  • Wow this is amazing, Supal! I’m sure you’ve worked really hard for this, I’m glad you were able to mix both of your worlds into something that will bring you even more and better opportunities. Congrats on this achievement and best of luck for what the future has for you!! X

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