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{a guide to the perfect blazer} via chevrons & éclairs


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A blazer was one of my purchases after graduating university. One that was structured, tailored, and gave me the confidence I needed to battle the seas of what was to come. It was perfect in every way, but the venture to find it was quite a feat. And so a basic guide to find the best blazer for you or anyone really…


When you put on a blazer, it should fit comfortably in the shoulders without pulling or slipping. An oversized blazer is evidence when the shoulder pads are slipping from your shoulders. It also should not be too roomy in that area. Make sure the seams are centered on your shoulders and the edges don’t extend past your shoulders. Rotate your arms and make sure you have full range of motion.


Purchase a blazer that fits comfortably at your widest point such as your stomach, chest, or shoulders. If necessary, have it altered by taking in the waist. A key tip for when you’re shopping for the perfect blazer is to wear either a long-sleeve blazer or button-down shirt. This will ensure you’re getting an appropriate fit.


{a guide to the perfect blazer} via chevrons & éclairs
{a guide to the perfect blazer} via chevrons & éclairs


Choose the length of your blazer based on your own personal style preference. Since I am taller, a longer style is more flattering whereas a cropped blazers gives petite women a more structured look. A cropped blazer also looks better paired with pencil skirts and longer blazers with dresses and trousers.


The end of your blazer sleeves should reach right at your wrist bones. If you will be wearing a shirt with sleeves extending beyond the edge of the jacket, the blazer sleeves may naturally sit right before the wrist bones. Make sure your sleeves do not cover your hands or expose too much of your arm.

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If you’re looking to modernize your look, either belt your blazer or get a blazer that has been taken in at the waist. These two tips will accentuate your waist giving you an hourglass figure.

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