spring wines with Dalla Terra

{spring wines with Dalla Terra} via chevrons & éclairs

with spring’s chimes come crisp wines

After being introduced to Dalla Terra through a friend, I found myself missioning to the heart of Covent Garden often a borough I don’t visit too often as I prefer secluded, quiet spaces. Though Dalla Terra sits in a courtyard and it’s the perfect place to go for an afterwork wine or girls evening. An astonishing wine collection, mostly from Italy though samples of the world, and a simple beautiful food menu-it never would disappoint or even intimidate. So it was only natural to pay a visit to ask about their suggestions for spring…


{spring wines with Dalla Terra} via chevrons & éclairs
wine1{spring wines with Dalla Terra} via chevrons & éclairs


A popular request all around the year, chardonnay is a green-grape white
wine variety that originates from France. It comes in two varieties, one
that is oak-age with a bit of a denser flavor that appeals to men. The second
being stainless steel, which produced is a crisp, floral and citrusy flavor-
popular among the women.


An early-ripening white wine with a full body and moderate-acidity.
With flavors and aromas of yellow fruits, spices like ginger and white pepper, and nuts.


A yellow-green grape variety coming from the central part of Italy.
It’s a softer white wine with aromas that are elegant with touches of nuts
and citrus and sometimes scents of almonds.

wine2{spring wines with Dalla Terra} via chevrons & éclairs



Grown in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, it is moderately bodied with
flavors of lime. The wine comes with crisp flavors that are ideally paired with
its originating region’s dishes of freshly caught fish.


One of the most prominent white wines in the sparkling variety. They are commonly
dry and undergo a secondary fermentation in a stainless steel tank. It is
particularly sweet and goes flat faster in comparison to champagne.


{spring wines with Dalla Terra} via chevrons & éclairs
{spring wines with Dalla Terra} via chevrons & éclairs

{visit Dalla Terra}

St. Martins Courtyard
25 Slingsby Place
London, WC2E 9AB
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  • Hannah

    A great, informative post, Supal! And I’m going to add Dalla Terra on my list of places to visit when I’m back in London next week! x

  • sarah

    LOVE THIS POST!! I’m always struggling to find wine that goes with seasonal meals. Thank you Supal xxx

  • Shveta Sontakey

    Informative post with such beautiful pictures <3


  • life is a shoe

    great posts! Loved hearing about the wines!


  • Hi there! Great post… I wish I knew more about wines! Anyway, I think that the pecorino is an italian cheese, not a wine!

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