stuffed courgettes

{stuffed courgettes} via chevrons & éclairs

eating the rainbow

I’ve always been a fan of mixing my sweet with savories and using my culinary curiosities to paint rainbows by incorporating as many colors and textures as possible. So it was no surprise when I was seeking inspiration and rummaging through what was left in my refrigerator that it was the medley of delicate and dense flavors and lots of colors that brought to life this recipe.

and just to note…

The courgettes were also topped with spicy spinach pesto and olives.
The salad is just a simple caprese of alternating tomatoes and artichokes.

{stuffed courgettes} via chevrons & éclairs
{stuffed courgettes} via chevrons & éclairs
{stuffed courgettes} via chevrons & éclairs

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