coordinating ties & pocket squares



concept director SUPAL DESAI model DAX McCLANNAHAN
photography & art direction THE HONS location ORLANDO, FLORIDA

* * *

sartorial personality

Since moving to the UK, I’ve noticed an array of styles and trends that are quite foreign to me.
Though London itself is a bit edgy, the tourists that come from all over the world adorn the concrete
catwalk with their styles. One thing I’ve noticed after attending an event recently is the ties &
pocket squares game on the guys. And so a few tips on coordinating…




As opposed to “matching”, be sure to “coordinate” your pocket square and tie.
You don’t want to draw the viewer’s eye horizontally across your chest and steer
the attention away from your face. Avoid purchasing tie/pocket square sets as
they usually lack sophistication.

color & pattern

Look at color and pattern. If you’re wearing a red and blue striped tie,
coordinate with blue and white striped pocket square. The pattern should be
similar and the blues marry the two pieces together.

complimenting with pattern

If you have a solid colored tie or pocket square, then where a complimentary
color for the other piece, but add a bit of pattern. If you have a solid blue
tie, go with a red with blue floral pocket square.