modernizing a period home


reviving a space to make it yours

Since moving into my new home a few months back, an period home of the Georgian era, I came to realize that making a period home “your own” is quite difficult. Little gaps in the windows inviting brisk air, large blank walls, and irregularities in size and shape or rooms. A friend who always lived in a period home, told me these few tricks would help make a period home yours and comfortable…

simple details

Sometimes modernizing the little things we don’t think of makes a significant difference. Adding a different colored light switch or placing a more industrial style lamp in the corner or even hanging up some artwork.




Most period homes comprise of woods and small tiles, focus on adding other materials in the mix. I’ve added cottons to soften and warm up the space, a bit of metal in my lamp to liven up, and a rug helps with bringing a room together.

natural light

Period homes are notorious for being dark. This obviously asks for a bit of investment, but getting windows installed or a door with windows would help bring light in. And I don’t think I need to explain why natural light is so wonderful to have.


When I first moved into my flat it was white and brown. It’s particularly why I added blacks and metals to the mix and made it a bit more girly, trying hard to avoid the industrial look, by adding lilac.