spring in london

{spring in london} via chevrons & éclairs

sun out, flowers bloomed, sunnies on

Now that the sun is out a little longer and the brisk air has turned to just a cool breeze, there is a new kind of energy in the air. An energy that is not just the city going at hyper speed, but people are embracing every single moment. Here are five things I’m doing in the course of the next two weeks to fully indulge in London’s springtime bliss!

{spring in london} via chevrons & éclairs

parks & gardens

One thing I love about London, though it’s a city it has many beautiful green spaces.
From Kensington Gardens to Hampstead Heath, I’m always a big fan of park activities
and even the occasional blanket with a good book.

open air theatre

I’ve been told NYC has its own rendition, but watching a play in the park is my ultimate
dream! I was a fan of Shakespeare growing up, and there nothing more lust-worthy than
a little Hamlet under moonlight or golden sun.

IMG_2921 {spring in london} via chevrons & éclairs

visiting new neighborhoods

I’m never afraid to venture out to a new part of the city or a neighborhood I’ve never
really come across. Even the brutal winter weather didn’t quite keep me away. One that
I may have to re-visit now that the weather is just a bit warmer would be Primrose Hill!


If there is one thing for certain, then that is London is quite a foodie dreamland.
I’ve often made reservations for brunch with friends, and scraped the idea as we come
across an incredible market exuding various blends of aromas. My favorites include
Borough Market, Brixton Village & Berwick Street Market.


I think now that spring has come, picnics will be an activity that will easily go
into summer. Pack up a few sandwiches, some cheese and lots of berries, you should make
it out to Clapham Common as they have one of the prettiest greens!