this spring…


spring is about new beginnings

It seems as if the first day and even first week of spring has come and gone and the only thing on my mind has been work, work, work, blog, blog, blog. Though it sounds extremely unhealthy, it’s hard to be overwhelmed by tasks and issues when you’re doing just the things you want to.

But I realized I wanted to spring the time of new beginnings, trying new things. Winter was rough, as the dramatic cold weather overwhelmed me and I found myself under my own covers most of the day watching each day go by. I live and experience everything in Central London, I want to venture out!



Book a ticket for an exotic holiday
Hike in the very north of London
Made a list of cafés to visit
Started watching more independent films
Trying new things with my outfits
Building quality relationships, but also fortifying my networks
Spending more time outdoors
Attending more events to network & make friends too!
Going rowing on the River Thames
Visit exhibitions
Cooking more greens
Photographing more boroughs
Organizing more events, rather than being the attendee
Planting a bed of flowers or an herb garden
Incorporating more herbs in my diet
Trying new vegetables
Visiting farmers markets

* * *

What are some things you want to do this season?