toledo, spain


packed with history and culture

As one of Spain’s smallest provincial capitals, Toledo is quite unique than the rest of Spain and that region as it houses the nation’s history and considered the religious center. Toledo is the symbol of a multicultural medieval society and notably ornamented with churches, synagogues and mosques set in a maze of narrow, interwinding streets.

So go one, take a walk through Toledo with me…

* * *

things to see

Toledo’s Cathedral reflect the the city’s true historical essence and all it has to offer. The Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes is a gorgeous 15th century Franciscan monastery that stands erect in the Jewish quarter. The Alcázar is a must visit for the most gorgeous panoramic view of the city. Sinagoga del Transito is a beautiful synagogue built by Pedro I. And a flurry of museums that housed in the heart of the old town.

bit of entertainment

Enebro for chilled out evening with drinks under the trees and some casual banter. El Último is a fun, little bar that is housed in a 16th-century building and plays some jazz, blues and soul. Though to be completely honest, it would be quite wise to just get lost in between the streets of the town and find a little nook of your own. Each place you visit will have its own set of tapas, culture, vino and live music. Always a good time and never a dull moment.


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