volume five

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

“if reason ruled the world would history even exist?”
–Ryszard Kapuscinski

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On a brisk winter day, I was perusing Sloan Square with a friend of mine as we stumbled upon a bookstore. One of those bookstores that is covered from wall-to-wall, and if you don’t know this already, I’m quite the book enthusiast. And so as we ran our finger across the new spines, skimmed the titles and took in the smell of new books and untouched pages, we came across Kapuściński. She being Polish, shared her knowledge of Kapuściński, a Polish reporter, journalist, author, photographer and more. His coverage of key historical moments that has shaped the world today is absolutely enthralling…

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

shah of shahs

A narrative of the demise and fall of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran. Not an analysis, but an
emotional elucidation of the citizens’ thoughts and feelings during the revolution and description of
photographs captured during 1970s Iran. Additionally, there are notes deciphering Iran as a ‘behemoth of
riches’ and the juxtaposition of the Shah living like a wealthy European and his citizens living in a
constant state of fear constantly terrorized by the secret police.

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

the emperor

The deposition of Haile Selassie in 1974 ended the ancient rule of the Abyssinian monarchy, which is about
the time Kapuściński travelled to Ethiopia to interview surviving courtiers to tell their stories. Their
narrative depict the equally lavish and corrupt world they lived in, describing daily rituals they were
forced to practice for the ruler to maintain absolute power. Parties alongside powerful world leaders,
omens in the sky, courtiers going missing, it’s fascinating to actually see the fall of the empire unfold.

another day of life

Kapuściński’s employers when he was a journalist sent him to Angola to cover the civil war that had erupted
post-independence. He observed groups and individuals throughout the civil war and with whomever he spoke
to he defined the meaning of political abstractions.

{literary lust : volume 5} via chevrons & éclairs

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