berry & citrus cake with rose petal whipped cream

{the summer cake} via chevrons & éclairs

carefully topped with rose petals

One thing that is near and dear to me and I don’t really share with many people is that birthday cakes are a bit of a symbol for me. Sure, I’ve had the birthday cakes with thick, grotesque, blue icing. One that stains your teeth and tongue. Though the meaning behind the birthday cake is something more. Something so special.

Growing up in a home with family scattered around the world is a bit difficult. I’m close to my family, especially my grandparents. During the years of my earliest birthdays, I was spoiled enough to spend my birthdays with my grandparents. Either in India or at home in America. We would sing happy birthday, clap along, cut the cake and sit together and talk. You see, we had a dining table of 6, always. With an extra chair or two pulled up or my brother and I sitting on a lap. Fast forward many years later and though my grandparents are in India, they still cut a cake on the 17th of May, I give them a call and we talk. Talk as if they’re at the table of 6 dining table…
{the summer cake} via chevrons & éclairs
{the summer cake} via chevrons & éclairs {the summer cake} via chevrons & éclairs

So this is not just a cake with berries and rose petals, but it’s a symbol that encapsulate a moment…

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