granada, spain



embedded within an oasis

On my tour of Andalusia in the South of Spain, I came to fall in love with Granada. Fall in love hard. Seville had the romance, Cordoba had the charm and Granada had the spunk. An intermingling of all three really. The romance of the gardens, the medieval charm and the excitement that any young town brings you. From incredible tapas to unique pubs and lots of underground flamenco enriched dance floors. Granada is the vortex in which the Islamic past has laid its love with the Moorish Dynasty. North Africans make up some of the population sourcing some of their cultures delicacies, yet with Spanish nuances. So come take a tour with me…

Among the typical gothic-esque architecture, the 18th and 19th century churches, there lies a true gem in Moorish Spain. It’s a must to visit the Alhambra. A red fortress embedded within an oasis of vines, exotic flowers and pools of goldfish. With a series of palaces blueprinted and erected between the 13th and 16th centuries, it woos its guests with the intricate Islamic scriptures carved among stone within its walls. And once you’ve toured the majestic fortress, a visit to Albayzín, the Muslim quarter is necessary to take in how the Arab culture has evolved through the centuries in Spain…


  • I visited Seville a very long time ago but I’ve never been to Granada. It sounds like an enchanting place and your photos of The Alhambra are stunning.

    • Oh man Seville was my FAVORITE ever! The people are SO humble and sweet… You need to make it to Granada! x

  • Wow!!! I’m dying to visit Spain! I really feel that this country suits me! Along with Italy of course! 😀 <3

  • Oh. My. God. I have officially added it to my list!