skin clearing tips

{5 skin clearing tips} via chevrons & éclairs

the most beautiful cosmetic you can have is passion.
–Yves Saint Laurent

As many of you know, not too long ago I underwent some major skin trauma. Hormonal breakout
mixed with sensitivity, it was quite difficult. At the time I was undergoing some skin
treatments trying to find a diagnosis, I shared this beauty juice recipe with you. Since
then my skin has gotten significantly better, and many of you including close friends and
family asked me about skin regimen and diet. Though I’m not a dermatologist or dietician,
I will share what I do to keep a healthy glow and keep blemishes away… even when it’s about
to be that time of the month.
{5 skin clearing tips} via chevrons & éclairs

you are what you eat

I think this is a very obvious one: what you consume has a drastic impact on your skin.
First, I make a point to eat something green + any other vegetables for two meals. Second,
I have my beauty juice 3 times a week. Third, I limit fried foods to only twice a week.
Fourth, make a point to include protein and nuts into your meals and snacks once a day.
Fifth, make a fatty protein (ie. eggs, salmon, avocado) the center of attention for
at least one of your meals. Finally, practice the 80-20 rule with your healthy-indulgent
meals. Oh and one last thing, limit your caffeine intake to just 8-ounces a day!


I swear by rosewater. It’s a antibacterial and toner that visibly brightens your skin and
evens the tone. I prefer to go to a local Indian or Mediterranean market and pick-up a
bottle of Cortas. In the ingredients, be sure it says “pure rosewater” and it’s not “rosewater
essence”. The essence has sugar in it that is widely used for desserts, not too good for your skin.
Rosewater in cosmetics can have other chemical elements in it and can really break the bank.

sweat it out

You wouldn’t think that sweat and perspiration would be so good for your skin, but
exuding toxins from your pores cannot be anymore therapeutic for your skin. I make a point
to be active at least 4 times a week. The gym can get boring, so spice things up by going on
a run with a friend, or rowing on the River Thames if you live in London!
{5 skin clearing tips} via chevrons & éclairs


Despite coming off as a bit high maintenance (I don’t necessarily enjoy camping), I
have the simplest daily make-up regimen. Since my schedule is always sprinkled with
meetings and weekends with dinner and drinks with friends, I try to keep make-up during
the week to a minimum unless I have a major event. For the office and daytime meetings, I
skip the foundation and use BB Cream with SPF my favorite being Dior. It’s a bit pricey,
but a little goes a very long way. Try to use mineral make-up and limit the eyes with
just a swipe of mascara.

meditation & self-care

You don’t know an overly concerned and stressed out person until you’ve met me. I’ve had
a friend a few months back tell me how he was impressed by how put-together I am despite all
that I have going on at all times. Though I’m not one who wears my heart on my shoulder, I
do try to limit how stress affects me. I always wake up a little earlier than I’m supposed to
and spend that time doing what I want to do. In the evenings, I go to be after speaking
to either my parents of my best friend. It sets me in a good mood and impacts the rest of my day.

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{captured by Sara Lejon Photography, originally shared on In the Flare}

  • lingo10

    so true, sweat, cosmetics and good skin care, and of course the diet! I practice all of it, its such a lifestyle and these changes, however small they look, really does wonders for your health.

    • You’re so right! I was just in South Africa for 10 days and basically very little fruit and veg and my skin is panicking! x

  • Ting

    Lovely outfit! 🙂

  • I have a bottle of rose water and avocado oil waiting to be opened. I still love my Eau Misellaire from Vichy and Sanoflor toner.

  • Ruchi Soni

    Simple but effective tips indeed!! Any guided meditation you use/recommend?

    • Thanks Ruchi, glad you found the tips helpful! Will email you a link for the meditation 🙂 x

      • Ruchi Soni

        Thanks so very much – looking forward to it, Supal!