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{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs

Sometimes I stumble upon something or someplace and realize that there’s not a moment or occasion on c&é that would enable me to share my love for a particular product or place. Living in London has given me so many opportunities to discover to places and try new things that I want to document this and so I started a new section on my Evernote, but that just didn’t cut it. So every not and then I’m going to share some of my favorites as of recent…

St. George’s Gardens

Tucked away in the city in a place you wouldn’t even think lies a beautiful green space, the gardens are actually a burial ground but is so peaceful and serene even on a sunny, warm day. I usually just visit Kensington Palace Gardens and Hyde Park, but found it a bit too crowded. And now that the weather is warming up and the sun is coming out in between the clouds, it may be one of my go-to places!

62 Montmarch Street | London WC1N 1AB

{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs {recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs
{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs

Scarlett of Soho

You may have seen from my recent Instagrams that I’ve been wearing these two sunnies a lot! Well, I was lucky enough to meet the Scarlett of Soho team in their pop-up shop at Old Street Station a few months back and have never looked back. They specialize in prescription, stylish eyewear with a monthly subscription so you will never get tired of your glasses!

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{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs

sweet postcards

Recently I started writing letters and postcards again! Snail mail makes me feel so much better about how I spend my downtime. I like to wake up early, sip on my coffee, and pen some thank you notes and greetings for friends and family. I’ve also started emailing frequent commenters and other bloggers to send them a little love from London too! I’ve found that my favorite place to pick up cute postcards is Paperchase!

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{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs
{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs {recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs

Skoob Books

The name Skoob comes from ‘books’ backwards, get it?! I think London is considered a gem when it comes to second-hand bookstores and collections in charity shops. People are always reading: on benches, on the tube, even whilst walking. A friend, and avid reader, recently suggested Skoob and it’s now reaching the top of my list as far as second hand bookshops go. Plus point is that St. George’s Gardens is just around the corner… Kind of perfect, eh?

66 Brunswick Shopping Centre | London WC1N 1AE

{recent favorites} via chevrons & éclairs

beauty haul

Can’t have a favorites list without a beauty haul, can we? I’m quite the minimalist when it comes to all things beauty, or maybe that’s just me comparing myself to the average British girl. I don’t have many brushes or palettes, but when I come across something I like (quite rare, to be honest), then I’m a believer. Recently Amber sent me these L’oreal Color Sticks and they’re the perfect shade and they truly last all day! I will run meetings and back and will not have a problem. My friend, Gerda, suggested Chanel’s mascara to me and I’m addicted. I have sensitive, watery eyes and they’re ideal for anyone who has long days as well. Plus, you can layer on and they won’t clump your eyelashes!

mascaracolor stick 1color stick 2

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Hope you enjoyed this post! Did you have any favorites this month?