london visitor gift-set

{london visitor gift-set} via chevrons & éclairs

a bit of special treatment

London is one of those transit cities where people visit on the way to or from an exotic
destination, it’s the epicenter of European backpacking tours, and quite possibly one of
the most exciting cities to visit in general. Each visitor of mine gets a personalized gift
from me to welcome them to the city and to just to help them out a bit…

Though this gift-set is specific to London, you can apply these picks to just about any
city in the world. If you have any additional ideas of what else to include, I’m always
looking for a bit of inspiration, so please do share!

{london visitor gift-set} via chevrons & éclairs

notebook + pen

I try to think like a tourist myself. When I travel I usually take lots of notes, almost like
a diary. Keeping notes of where I eat, sleep, hangout. Sometimes I try to document my experience
and how I feel about something or a particular place. Looking back at some of these notes from
previous travels is always so exciting and of course those notes are then handed over to
people who are planning a trip to a city I’ve also visited.

travel card

This is one of the more obvious ones that I keep on hand for a traveler. The oyster cards
in London gets you on trains and buses so you can travel through the city. I always have a
few on hand with at least £5 on it. This saves any worry or headache for my visitor!

{london visitor gift-set} via chevrons & éclairs
{london visitor gift-set} via chevrons & éclairs

postcard + stamps

When I traveled with friends to the Orkney Islands in Scotland,
two of the girls from our group would spend just a few minutes at the end of the day to
write a postcard to their best friend or family. I’ve since adopted that habit and I absolutely
love the idea of sending snail mail, especially on an adventure.

special travel guide

Usually people traveling to a new or foreign city have their own travel books or some
notes written down of places to visit. So I like to enhance their experience and give
them a guide too! A tea & cake guide for the quintessential c&é girl or a pub guide with beer
details for my guy friends is quite possibly a great gift and fun way for them to personalize
their visit to the city…

{london visitor gift-set} via chevrons & éclairs