madaba, jordan


where culture diverge

I think one of the most surprising things I learned about the Middle East was how different religions coexisted in Jordan.
Jordan, in my opinion, is like the Luxembourg of the Middle East. One that houses Arabs from all over the region, but
very few are Jordanian. This is why people have such interesting backgrounds and histories. Madaba is no exception to the
epicenter of religious diversity…
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With one-third of the population as Christian and the remaining Muslim,
it makes for a unique village. A market town known for its Byzantine-era mosaics,
it is so well preserved and beautifully displayed. You can see the map ornamenting
St. George’s Church. Best explored on foot for its archeological remains are fantastic,
the city also has a cute market full of all kinds of souvenirs and trinkets.


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places to visit

St. George’s Church & the Mosaic Map
Shrine of the Beheading of John the Baptist
The Archeological Parks

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make it a day trip

Madaba sits not too far from Amman making it an assessable day trip.
It is a known town to visit off the King’s Highway. And make it a full
day with a morning spent perusing the village of Madaba and ending it
on a day pass in one of the resorts off the Dead Sea!