and onto August…

{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs

and just like that July is behind us

I can’t believe the months of summer started in May and it seems like yesterday we
were celebrating my birthday and now we’re about to greet summer a farewell and
enter into fall just soon enough. It makes me a bit sad to think that I didn’t take
full advantage of the city, but when I reflect… it was actually quite perfect. Though
summer isn’t over as I have another holiday lined-up soon enough, but here are a few
things I’ve been enjoying recently…

living a minimalist life

After moving into my new flat, I came to realize that I had way too many things that
had no significance in my life and I was holding onto for it to just take up space. I
decided to donate a lot of my clothes, giveaway books and institute a new policy of
“one thing in, one thing out” for my wardrobe, shoes and anything else. When it comes
to clothes and shoes, I’m enjoying the idea of buying few, but quality pieces that can
go with just about anything. Great basics are the way of life, I tell you!

{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs
{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs

for inner-beauty and serenity

I’ve always ate fairly healthy, though I do love my bits of indulgence… Recently,
with extreme stress levels, I’ve started getting stomach pains and indigestion
problems. Too much information, but it’s the reality. Pukka’s Detox tea is something I
started consuming in graduate school before major deadlines and I thought I would adopt
the habit again. It’s a subtle tea that helps with digestion and cools your body
temperature. I couldn’t find this brand in the US, so I would make my own here!

{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs
{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs

a beauty regimen

Since the weather has been all over the place here from very cold to extremely hot
{I may be exaggerating here}, my skin has been acting up again as it goes dry to oil
to dry again in one day. I found Avène to be incredible on my skin. I wasn’t quite
sure what to get as they have a range of products, but I simply completed a survey on
their site and they sent me over a sample regimen to test out for a week. It was actually
spot on and I decided to buy the gel cleanser, micellar water and
hydrating cream with SPF immediately!

I also started using my trusted Bumble & Bumble shampoo and conditioner again. Since
I wasn’t making very much time for myself whilst looking for a new flat and moving, I
was using random drugstore brand shampoo and conditioner and I started to notice lack
of shine and silkiness immediately. So I went to a local salon that stocked Bumble
& Bumble and I was back in the game with healthy locks in just two washes.

{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs

a touch of productivity

With the summer sun sticking out for much longer than the moon, I’ve been taking advantage
of the natural sunlight. And going from a basement flat to a 4th floor view of the
London parks and extremes of sun, I’ve enjoyed every second sprawling out on my floor
with designs and concepts for clients! Luckily I’ve been invited to work on a few really
incredible projects, so it makes working quite exciting. The downside? My flatmates continue
to think I work too much! But that’s a work-life struggle I hope to address in another
post. You can also get that teacup set here and the little teapot too!

{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs {bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs
{bit of life : and onto august} via chevrons & éclairs

culinary inspiration

I’ve never been great at giving presents. Honestly, I always get a bit overwhelmed when
I’m trying to think of something special for someone. So when it came to my birthday
presents from friends here in London, I was blown away completely. Each person gifted
me something that spoke to my hobbies, personality and interests. Alina’s birthday present,
and I don’t say this lightly, was probably the best present I have ever received from
anyone anywhere. The Flavour Thesaurus is a bible of ingredients with pairings and
cooking methods for each. It has motivated my kitchen adventures to a whole new level!

* * *

Anything particularly noteworthy going on with you? I would love to hear!

  • Another beautiful post, Supal! I agree – how did it get to be mid-August already? I feel as though if I blink it will suddenly be Christmas.

    On a separate note, I think I’ve said this before, but I love your crockery. So pretty 🙂 x

    • Aw thank you so much, Katie! Don’t curse it, otherwise it will be Christmas tomorrow!!

      Haha, you have told me that… I have a nice cutting board to go with it all too 😉

  • I am in such a cleansing mood right now, that all I want to do after reading this is go through all of my crap with a trash bag in hand. The face products you picked out sound wonderful–so bummed it’s UK/Ireland only! Glad to see you are doing well and settling in with your routine at the new place 🙂 xoxo

    • I think it’s a good thing moving is a very difficult task in London (much like DC) that it helps me edit my life! And yes, I actually tried to see if Avene was available in the US for my mom, but not available yet 🙁 Bumble and bumble products are though! x

  • Lovely pictures. I had an early May 1 week vacation and I have had so much work, life tragedies, stressful incidents that I deserve a vacation before this Summer is gone. I need some of that tea.

  • natalie

    great post!

    yes to minimalism


  • Mlle Coconath

    Great post! Beautiful pictures!


    Mademoiselle Coconath