delhi & agra, india


living the magical moments of history

I pride myself being of Indian heritage as I like to think the country has one of the
richest histories in the entire world. So many nomadic cultures from Persia, Europe
and beyond that settled here ad left their political influences in architectural
form that is absolutely breathtaking. Obviously, Delhi and Agra were the highlights of
my trips to India in recent years as the Taj Mahal is a stand alone beauty of wonder.

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when in Delhi…

We got to the city quite late in the afternoon, almost at dusk. And we were lucky
enough to be able to experience the Jama Masjid at the time of prayers. The streets
sounds of car horns, people living their daily lives, banter and prayer. Among the chaos
was a masjid that stands erect above 121-steps… and then complete serenity
and you’re transformed to another world where peace and tranquility are embodied
within the walls.

We decided to wake up early and head over to Qutb Minar to start the day with ancient
ruins. The sultans of Mehrauli ornamented the stones with intricate details and
Hindu deities. Then off to Humayoun’s tomb just to prepare us for the spectacle soon
be seen in Agra. The gardens were extravagant. Finally, ending Delhi with a visit to Red
is necessary is it depicts great military strength from the Mughals to the British.



continuing onto Agra

Agra was the icing on the top of the entire trip. Something I was waiting anxiously for.
Just when we finished an early breakfast with a lassi at Joney’s Place, the home of
the lassi of course, we headed to the Subash Emporium for a few marble carved presents
for friends back home. Then straight to the Taj Mahal, but my father wouldn’t let us
look at the stunning structure until we stood in the perfect place. And then we opened
our eyes on one of the brightest Winter days in Delhi. It was magnificent. We drew closer
and closer and there was no such thing as a bad glimpse, angle or photo of the place.
Goosebumps and breathless. Finally, before heading back to my grandparents on the western
coast of India, we stopped by Agra Fort and learned about the Mughal architecture,
meaning and bit about their political dominance.