my habits for a smarter life

{habits for a smarter life} via chevrons & éclairs

practicing a more engaged life

My personality has drastically changed from when I was in grade school to the first
day of classes at university. Contrary to what you may believe, I was tremendously
shy and reserved and found interaction just a bit awkward. Not sure what happened, but
the first few hours of college forced me to change. Though through the significant
personality changes, there were still habits that I carried from my more introvert-
lifestyle to today that helps me stay engaged, focused and intellectually fulfilled.
Slightly different from your average “in the office” post, but these practices
transform the obstacles of everyday work-life to strategic opportunities.

read a novel & the newspaper

I think everyone knows I read quite a bit from sharing my literary lust list on
c&é to everyday conversation with my personal friends. Reading the newspaper
informs you of what is going outside your borders and their editorials will enlighten
you with a different perspective on a socio-political issue. Novels, are quite the
contrary, but they engage my creativity. Writing techniques, storytelling, and poetry-they
all have a profound impact on your daily lexicon.

{habits for a smarter life} via chevrons & éclairs
{habits for a smarter life} via chevrons & éclairs

on watching television

Call me crazy, but I don’t have a Netflix account for the pure reason of being sucked
into dramas that have very little impact on my life and keeps me from being active.
I do, however, love a good Gossip Girl episode, but lately I’ve given more weight to
documentaries on topics I’m not too familiar with.

be active & adventurous

Growing up, my parents had me involved in so many extracurricular activities
that ranged from dance to piano to tennis lessons. With a busy schedule growing up,
having time where I’m not productive is rare. Being active by being involved in
learning or doing something or even through exercise is healthy on your well-being.
Your experience will have a fulfilling impact on how you look at your achievements.

play devil’s advocate

Having friends in so many different fields makes conversation exciting. From banter
over pints and serious late-night political discussions, it gives you the opportunity
to take on a position in conversations that you’re not necessarily comfortable
with, but back it up with evidence.

{habits for a smarter life} via chevrons & éclairs
{habits for a smarter life} via chevrons & éclairs

engage your hobbies

I’m not sure how to describe this one to you, so I’ll give you an example. Cooking is
one of my passions that I share with my family. After a long day, I do find the
process of cooking methodical, calming and special. I get lost in what I’m doing and
constantly challenge myself to try something new in culinary technique.

alone time

One of the greatest things my father has forced me to do was to take one weekend a
month to be completely on my own. Once a month, I plan a self-retreat where I cook
whole foods and consumer healthy, pamper myself with a unique beauty regimen,
and do all things that I’ve been wanting to do more of… relax. It’s healthy,
fulfilling and gives you time to think about yourself and put “you” first.

* * *

I’m curious, do you practice any of these?
Is there something that you do to engage a smarter lifestyle?

  • This reminds me, I still need to read Girl Boss! And I get two daily news alerts – the Skimm and USA Today – they help keep me informed of current events!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Love this post! xo, Hayley

  • definitely agree with all you said! especially about being active in pursuing what you want and becoming who you want to be

  • Those are great! I also like reading psychological books and autobiographies.


  • Great list, Supal! Definitely inspiring! I definitely agree on the Netflix thing – gosh I would consume so much TV. Some days it feels great to come home and watch like a movie or 2-3 episodes of something but it’s definitely not good to let that suck up your life. And your ‘me time’ weekend is a good idea – obviously living with C is a bit difficult 😉 but I think getting one weekend a month not to run around would be good for us – we’re always trying to run around and do lots and it’s exhausting!

    • Haha yes, I live with someone as well and it gets tricky. Sometimes your own agenda is better than sharing plans on the weekend (i.e. sitting in the same room and reading separately). Or you could alternate “personal” weekends where one person will have a night out and the other gets the place to themselves. Even one day is good to just be on your own.

      I’ve gradually implemented this, but with work + blog + city life, it gets hectic!

  • I definitely practice engaging my hobbies.But i probably don’t do it enough. -Karem

  • I can’t imagine you as a shy kid! You’re so bubbly. I was fairly quiet, too.

  • Paige Allison

    I would literally smack someone in the face to have a weekend alone a month! Not that I want to be violent… I just want alone time that much! Def agree to read a newspaper (or two) and engage with conversation from people of different perspectives! That certainly keeps the mind working.