volume eight

{volume 8} via chevrons & éclairs

a look into the future

In high school, Orwellian-style plots were books that I was more into. It forced me to look at the world in a different scope compared to what we’re expected to know and learn and foreshadow. Backstory: I was on the speech and debate team, heavily immersed in policy issues at a young age, and constantly directing the government’s role on various issues and relationship with various countries. A post-apocolyptic look at the world {that didn’t include vampires or zombies} was much more interesting to me. Fun fact: I thought I would get into politics for the longest time up until I had my first job, which was with one of the government agencies. Not a chance anymore…

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{volume 8} via chevrons & éclairs
{volume 8} via chevrons & éclairs

“One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”

Oh, Brave New World, what can I tell you? I wanted to fall in love with this one
badly, but it was hard for me to get invested in the characters as I thought the
development didn’t really appeal to my emotions. Personal thoughts aside, it’s about
a time far in the future where the World Controllers create a society, perfect to
them, that utilizes genetic engineering and brainwashing to control the populace.
Recreational sex and drugs, happy consumers, sounds like the ideal blockbuster film…

Well, not everyone is happy. In particular, Bernard Marx wants to emancipate
himself from this world and so his visit to one of the Savage Reservations fuels his desire.

A bit of fantasy, slightly enigmatic, and definitely thought-provoking. It’s crazy
to believe that a world that is so infiltrated with technology can ultimately
be controlling our actions on even a personal level. Think, social media. Something to
ponder, for sure, as we enter this new and highly technological world.

{volume 8} via chevrons & éclairs
{volume 8} via chevrons & éclairs