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falling into autumn

The days are becoming chilly, leaves are loosing their evergreen color, the days are
shorter. Sometimes it’s hard to realize that my first full summer in this city is behind
me and now I’ve well surpassed my one-year mark being in London. And I am utterly
proud in the strides I’ve taken. Though risky strides, they’ve been enormous feats
in my life that has brought me to adulthood. From taking up responsibilities
and now acquiring a rolodex of clients, I’m fully immersed in this consulting business of mine.

And in the midst of all the mayhem of the everyday life from meetings-to-meeting to
deadlines-after-deadlines, I’m still trying to find the time to enjoy each moment and take
time for myself. So just sharing what I’ve been up to recently…

{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs

evening walks

Soon the days will be incredibly short and the weather too brisk and so I’ve been
taking advantage of living so central. With Big Ben just minutes away from my doorstep,
it makes scenic walks a norm. One of my flatmates loves perusing random streets, and since
she was brought up in London she knows so much history! So history-filled, scenic walks after
a big dinner is the perfect way to end the day and watch the sunset. We’ll try different
routes and see where little shanty streets take us.

{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs


5 stable street, london N1C 4AB •

I’ve been to Dishoom now a few times for dinner and recently tried out their brunch
with my friend Sofiya and it was perfection. Dishoom is an Indian restaurant that
focuses on the ambiance and menu of a Bombay café that pays homage to the Irani cafés that
once adorned the streets of Bombay opened and run by the Zoroastrians. Dishes that are
spiced, lightly sweetened and full of culture with hints of modernity is what you will
find. I was seldom the person who ordered the bloody mary, but a bit of spice is what
I craved that late-rainy morning.

After a simple, egg-enriched brunch we went for the parfait with the homemade granola.
I would definitely go for it as the yoghurt is much like the flavor and consistency
of a custard. The perfect end to a supremely spiced start.

{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs

millenium bridge views

To continue onwards with the walks, I’ve also been taking out my camera more and trying
to capture more photographs to share with you, friends and family. One of the iconic
places I like to walk over to is the millennium bridge. The sidewalks on the Embankment
are infiltrated with tourists with their cameras and iPhones, and surprisingly
enough, Millennium bridge barely has a crowd. It’s the perfect place to take visitors.

{currently loving} via chevrons & éclairs

emma block illustration

Recently, I attended The Whitepepper A/W collection preview right before their big site
and store launch in just a few weeks with Anna of MissPlayground. It was an evening of
ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the cute dresses. Some drinks like rum and ginger beer.
Best of all was the live illustrations. Emma was there with her watercolors
painting each and every one of us in our outfits of the night! I’m now super envious
of her skills, but absolutely love my little illustration of me in my cute outfit of the night.


And lucky me, Diptyque sent over a little package of samples to try out as they launch
their new fragrance line-The 34 Collection. It’s that perfect blend of spices and summer’s
florals that makes it the perfect time to indulge yourself in this new season. It’s their
limited edition line-so you know they are giving it very special attention.

* * *

So, what have you been up to?