madrid, spain + food experiences


No one goes to bed in madrid until they have killed the night.
-Ernest Hemingway

* * *

It seems like not too long ago I decided to leave my humble abode in Washington, DC
and take a few months off to meander the streets of Spain. My first destination was
Madrid and what a beautiful city it is! I explored every avenue and boulevard, made
friends, found favorite haunts and literally ate through the week I spent in the city!

The city has a wealth of history and thus tons to do and you could easily find travel
guides and tourist tips sprinkled all throughout the internet. I thought I would highlight
my top 5 food experiences!


casa botín

Calle Cuchilleros, 17, 28005 •

Considered the oldest restaurant in the world as it was established in 1725, Casa Botín
boasts its ambiance and tends to be the quintessential Spanish restaurant with the likes
of roasted suckling pig and jugs of sangria on their menu. I visited with my friends the
very first night I arrived and its multiple stories of tiled-floors and the cave-like
archways, it was such a delight to visit.

mesón del champiñon

C/ Cava de San Miguel, 17, 28005 •

I know mushrooms are more of an acquired taste, but the friend I was visiting with
ended up falling in love with these mushrooms. They’re quite difficult to properly cook
without getting mushy and these mushrooms filled with chorizo, garlic and herbs are just
to die for. I was a bit nervous about the place quite frankly as the interiors were
pretty ugly, but the food they serve up was the best!

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chocolatería san ginés

Pasadizo San Ginés, 5, 28013 •

Of course you can’t leave Madrid without having churros! They’re not the American adaptation
with cinnamon-sugar sprinkled all over, but they’re served with chocolate. Straight melted
chocolate. Chocolatería San Ginés many claim is not the best, but for me the experience
was wonderful. We made our order inside where everything was so beautifully
tiled and then we sat outside enjoying the little corner and the company of others walking
by. To me, the churros were to die for as they came out piping hot!

mercado de san miguel

Plaza de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 •

I actually went back to this market often. It was only minutes away from the metro station
and quite accessible for me in other ways too! I would just withdraw about 15-euros and meander
through the aisles eating manchego-stuffed olives and sipping on various wines whilst
holding some form of toasted bread. It’s heaven for any foodie with an Instagram addiction.

la mallorquina

Calle Mayor, 2, 28013 •

And yes, you can’t have a food list without some pastries! It was a long morning trying
to navigate the metro and finding out that one of the lines wasn’t working. Frustration
was an understatement, but I ended up just getting out of the station and deciding to walk
and found myself at a corner cafe with a cold drink and my map. The menu seemed quite
delicious and as I looked around the pastries people were indulging on were incredible!
I ended up ordering a chocolate-banana cake. Perfection.


* * *

Any recommendations you have for Madrid?