falling into autumn

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grey & rain

This past month was a bit bleh, to be honest. Since fashion month was in high time, clients
have acquired a drive that has surpassed me. So work has piled up and in between shows and travel,
deadlines have been creeping up. And now that fashion month is nearing an end, I have a very long
list of people that I need to catch up with.

It seems that autumn is truly upon us as outdoor soirees and afternoons in the park are being
replaced with more indoor activities. I guess it’s time I also put away my summer frocks
and bring out the layered-goods, huh? But in between of all the fashion mayhem, I did manage to
enjoy bits of life that encourages me to keep pushing through those brutally long days…

{ps} pictured above are frozen grapes as they have been my favorite snack as of late!

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dermalogica age smart

Little did I know that your 20s are the most important years of your “beauty” life. I went
from having perfect skin to hormonal acne to introducing anti-aging elements to my skin. I’ve
shared my routine before with tips on how to perfect your very own skincare routine, but people…
what you do in your 20s will have the greatest impact on your skin now and forever! I recently
attended an event with Dermalogica and they introduced me to their latest product. Has anyone
used it? I’ve been trying out their eye serum sample and it has been great, so I’m trying to figure
out if I should try out this overnight retinol repair. Have you used retinol?

{october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs
{october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs
{october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs {october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs
{october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs
{october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs {october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs


21/09 to 18/10 • visit the exhibition

Part of what I offer through the consultancy is helping luxury brands incorporate consumer
engagement in their business paradigm. Seeing that Burberry continues to win the tech and social
media game at every fashion week and Prada opening up a cafe in Italy, it just seemed fascinating
to watching Louis Vuitton bring every level of consumer together and showcase their work. A complete
transparency of Nicolas Ghesquière’s inspirations for his fourth RTW show as the art director.

{october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs {october favorites} via chevrons & éclairs

indian cooking

As you read recently, I’ve been cooking quite a bit at home now that I have a bit more
flexibility with time and flatmates that are ever so encouraging and inspiring! When I first
moved into the flat over the summer, I was finding I was ordering in Indian food quite a bit.
Honestly, considering I’m Indian and I can actually cook… I decided to just invest in a few
good spices, a pressure cooker, order in some lentils and rice and start making it myself. It’s
surprisingly a lot easier than it looks and there’s so many online blogs that are incredible at it!
Pictured above are Journey Kitchen’s savory pancakes!

Here are a few of my favorite Indian food blog:
Journey Kitchen, Mallika Basu, Edible Garden and Chilli & Mint.

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Okay, okay, I feel like I’m shamelessly plugging in c&é social media account here, but I’ve
actually fallen in love with Pinterest all over again. In the beginning, I was using it simply
to organize post ideas and future c&é content. Then I was using it for just organizing everything
I need want… For a bit, I jumped off the bandwagon because school, work and real-life got
in the way and escaping to a place where I can’t afford a single item as I paid off grad school
debt didn’t make sense. But recently, my love for minimalism has inspired me to curate a life that
is less, but more. Pinterest has allowed me to do just that.

  • lingo10

    I also identify with returning to real world and regular fashion after fashion month. that lv exhibition is so beautiful and to see the work & detailing it requires. 🙂

    and pinterest, lol its like i live on it too. #pinaddict


  • Mlle Coconath

    I love the Louis Vuitton jacket! Great post!


    Mademoiselle Coconath


  • What a lovely post, and thanks for linking these Indian food blogs! I love Indian food and have been wanting to learn how to cook some of my favorite dishes for awhile now. 🙂

    xx Hannah // http://www.HomemadeBanana.com

    • You know, I never really would cook indian food thinking it was too difficult. By having a few good spices on hand, you’ll be able to pick it up in no time! Definitely let me know which blog you end up liking more! x