seville, spain


a true southern Spanish charm

Through my backpacking through Spain, the south of Spain was probably the most memorable. Full
of food, libations and endless banter with new friends that are still my friends today (one of them
is Antonella, who you’ve met before)! And though I was in the height of my days where early
morning walks soon turned into 4am wine chats on the steps of some grandeur historical monument,
I think Seville set a unique impression distinct from other cities. Its people warm and inviting,
the city was the most majestic. Here are my postcards from this beautiful city!

* * *

To travel to Seville, I took the speed train Renfe from Madrid to Spain and travelled through
all the southern cities that way with Seville as the first stop. I used this weekend guide
from Trip Advisor
to plan the weekend. Soon after I visited Cordoba and then Granada.