my sunday routine


a sunday well spent brings a week of content

Though no two weeks are the same and recently Sundays are becoming more and more consumed with traveling
back home or spending elsewhere, I do have a few things I like to do to ease myself into a new week. But
first and foremost, the most important thing to do on a Sunday is to catch up on rest. With my body recently on
go-go-go and running completely on adrenaline, I didn’t realize I was in for a complete shutdown. So
though it seems like I pack my Sundays with a long list of to-dos, it’s actually quite the contrary. I catch
up on sleep and rest and find myself laying in bed reflecting and just barely snoozing…



I always start Sunday with a breakfast in bed that I can graze on usually a bowl of berries and some yoghurt
or a croissant and big platter of seasonal fruit. Always, there’s always, a big cup of extra milky coffee.
As I’m eating, I like to read either the novel that I have on my nightstand or the newspaper. I like
to practice habits that keep me informed and up-to-date on what is happening in the world and the fashion industry.
You can read about my tips on living a smarter lifestyle here.

IMG_0223 IMG_0219


The end of the week always mean chipped nails and a desperate need of a pedicure. I actually find
doing my own nails quite a bit of fun, so whilst catching up on some BBC iPlayer {mostly food-related shows},
I like to do my nails and have a fresh paint job for the week. In addition to a mani/pedi, I usually exfoliate
my face and body and put together my citrus toning mask. Don’t worry if you don’t have a perfect skincare
regimen, I’ve got a checklist here


With beauty, comes inner beauty. I was quite regular with my yoga when I was living in St. Andrews, but since
then have lost the habit. Lately, with my immune system is really getting knocked around. I decided to pick
it up again with a bit of meditation and stretching. I think yoga does a great job of helping you find inner
peace and balance. I am not great at having a work-life balance, so yoga helps me get lost in a world
where I can lift weight off my shoulders. I’ve been using the Yoga Studio app to help me out with this.


meal planning

I find cooking pretty satisfying and don’t mind whipping up a dinner on a Wednesday evening after a full day of
meetings-it’s very therapeutic. Usually, I just make a huge one-pot meal like a sunday roast, a hearty
mexican soup
or my lamb tagine and eat that on different days of the week since I might cook something or
have dinner out at least one other day of the week. Also, I do like to have a snack on hand like my white
bean hummus
and some pita.


I can never put together an outfit before I go to bed because every single time I do, I never end up
wearing it! It’s just a waste of time, but what I really like to do is organize my things like laptop, charger,
agenda, books, keys, wallet, etc. before I go to bed. It makes grabbing everything that much easier and
less stress when I {inevitably} run 5 minutes behind schedule. If I have a big day of meetings with a few
breaks in between, I will most likely leave early in the morning and not come home until late at night.
This means I need EVERYTHING. So I prefer to travel with my Lo & Son’s OG bag that will carry everything,
but my bed with me.


  • Your pictures are so simple and have an air of being conforting. Such a pleasure to read you .

  • lingo10

    Its nice to be let into your routine and space every once in a while. Thats my bedside as well! And you have the perfection office like desk near the window, alla Carrie B. I hope all is well with you, long time no read!

    • You have no idea how much I hated that ledge when I first moved in and now I work at that ledge and it’s amazing! I love sharing my bits and pieces about home and my personal life, hope to share more since you’re enjoying it! x