the 9-to-5

{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs

my weekday routine

Since launching C&É Consultancy I wake up each day with a completely new set of goals and a completely different template of a day. It’s kind of nice to step away from the norm that is waking up to brew coffee and then heading my way to a desk. Though desk work is quite normal in my line of work, it’s just nice to be able to be client-facing and facilitating the time that I spend on my the consultant + the blog. Things can get hectic and as a strategist by career, I need to make sure that I set aside time that allows me to concentrate on my client’s work. So here’s what I do to breakup my week to allow enough time for me to blog + complete my client’s work at the best capacity.

{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs {my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs {my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs

productive mornings

I start each day very early so that I have some time for myself. When the clock strikes 9am, I am already at my desk answering emails and taking a call from my assistant with my daily schedule. This includes the amount of time I will spend on a client’s project or a list of meetings I need to attend for the day. He’s good with including time for lunch and a bit of a break halfway through the day. I’m a morning person, so I like to add my most difficult tasks at the beginning of the day and then work my way down to easier things.

breaking down the week

It’s difficult to juggle the blog and the consultancy at times. Plus, I need a personal life, so it’s a bit of a trick. With London being so dense, I like to concentrate all my weekly meetings in one or two days. For me, my Mondays and Thursdays are spent at my desk working on strategy reports. Tuesdays are spent for catching up on any client work I’m behind on or running errands that deal with the clients directly. Wednesdays are solely for blog days as Alina usually ends up spending the entire day with me. Fridays are for meetings! If a client can’t do Friday, then I always suggest Tuesday and so far that has worked.

{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs
{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs {my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs

blog time

As mentioned, I spend Wednesdays working on the blog or going to events for the blog. Alina usually shows up around 9:30am, bright and chirpy! No two Wednesdays are the same. We’ll shoot an entire day or spend another Wednesday just doing admin and emails. I like to resort evening times (before reading and bedtime) to write out a blog post and I’ll edit the post during lunch or in between meetings. As of right now, I do spend Sunday evenings working on the blog, but hopefully I will have a complete weekend to myself soon enough!

email & phone time

Emails and phone-calls are your worst enemy when dealing with clients. I only turn on my mail application from 9am-10am and again from 4pm-5pm. This is also when I like to receive and make calls. This will allow you to be more productive and not get interrupted during any pivotal work sessions.

working lunch and drinks

Another enemy in the field is a working lunch or evening drinks! With a full belly and some libations, I get quite lazy and lethargic. I usually take control of the meeting organizing and ask to meet for tea or coffee and go ahead and give the client a timeframe for the meeting. I assure that that the meeting can only take X amount of time and suggest places to them if we are stepping out of the office.

{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs

what I wore

coat ANN TAYLOR skirt TALBOTS jumper C/O BODEN flats ZARA earrings KATE SPADE

* * *

This is far from a perfect understanding on how to run a business, but with almost a year under my belt… it’s not too bad!

{my weekday routine} via chevrons & éclairs