simplifying your wardrobe

{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs

the perfect wardrobe

Though I’m no expert in building a capsule wardrobe, but I have been on the journey since I’ve moved to
London. Since moving to London, I’ve started following more European bloggers and getting to know more
personal stylists/personal shoppers. One thing bloggers do here, compared to the United States, is stay
true to their style and invest in timeless pieces. Looks are not drastically different from the
day-to-day, yet they look incredible and “expensive.” And since space is limited in this city, I learned
quickly to hone down my closet. Here are a few things I try to incorporate to simplify my wardrobe.

{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs
{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs {simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs

color palette

My wardrobe drastically changed as I continued to shop and live in London. I predominately wear
blacks and grays and I started deviating from brighter hues. Try to incorporate a few colors base
colors and one statement color that complement each other. For me, I stick to gray, black, beige, white
and red. Choose make-up and nail polishes that compliment your color palette.

quality over quantity

As mentioned before, Europeans love their designers (I almost feel as if I’m talking to a group
of Americans, oops!). Since observing trends, you will learn that high quality pieces don’t end up
going out of style. So instead of collecting every black handbag, I now will save and buy to the best of
my capacity. You don’t need a Chanel boy bag when your budget can easily accommodate a Ted
Baker. The same concept goes for make-up! You don’t need every red lipstick the market has to
offer, am I right?

{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs
{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs
{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs

monthly purge

This is completely based on the size of your wardrobe and how much you shop. I don’t shop too much,
but I do receive product from blog collaborations. Because of the inflow of clothes and accessories, I try
to clean out my closet once-a-month by donating what I know I won’t wear anymore.


Dressing in layers makes an outfit more dynamic and complete. I keep some standard “warm” weather pieces
(i.e. shorts) and “cool” weather pieces (i.e. knits). From there everything can be layered. Collect
transitional pieces that can be carried onto other seasons and not exclusively one. I keep a “spring & summer”
pin board and “autumn & winter” pin board to collect inspiration.

signature look

Are you more of a dress/skirt person? Solely trousers and jeans? Tailored or longer proportions? Establish
a signature look and work on collecting pieces that fit that style, you are guaranteed to always
have something wear then! I’m more of a skirt and simple knit or shirt and flats type of girl.

{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs
{simplified wardrobe} via chevrons & éclairs

  • I love the idea of doing a monthly clothing purge. I tend to wait until the end of a season, and it can become so overwhelming!
    Fizz and Frosting

    • That’s exactly why I do it monthly, otherwise I won’t feel as motivated! Thanks for reading, Lauren! x

  • I’ve actually made a promise to myself that starting this year I’m going to only invest in those timeless pieces. Items that never get old, always look chic, and make me look like.. well, me. I think everyone goes through a period of time where they’re still trying to find their personal style, and I definitely went through that. But I think now I’ve come to really get to know myself… and I’m pretty excited to re-build my wardrobe that way 🙂

    Xo Melissa
    Cherish & Bloom

    • You and me both! Would love to hear about how you get on! I’m looking at Equipment for blouses at the moment and they’re perfect for the bank and a timeless look 🙂

      • I loooove Equipment blouses! I’ve been browsing a lot of their stuff lately, too. I’ve started with monochromatic colors so far, I learned I actually don’t like to wear color much. Unless it’s a really special piece, the greens, purples, pinks, yellows… whatever else you can think of… don’t get to see the sun much!

        • I AM THE SAME! I realized that a lot of what I had (colors) were not matching anything. It was a bit annoying. I only had one outfit I could pull together with each piece too. Same as you, colors are for special occasions 🙂 x

  • Seriously great tips!! I love this 🙂

  • Vera Sawicki

    Great tips girl & amazing pictures!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  • Molly Hogan

    I’m an organizational freak and those hangers are gorgeous!


  • Charlotte Rostron

    I have a really small wardrobe but I still have a hard time getting rid of stuff

    Great post


    • Oh story of my life. Sometimes it’s easier to think about how you’re donating it to someone who will love your item as much as you! x

  • Sahar Gholami

    I really enjoyed reading this!I agree that we should prefer quality over quantity but I always find my self browsing in F21 or H&M! :)))


    • OMGAVOID! I fall in that trap a bit too. After collecting a few quality pieces, I’m now so put off by H&M and F21. Glad you enjoyed, Sahar! xx

  • I love your photographs! I really need to start working on minimizing my closet. I have so many pieces that I like, but don’t love…your post is inspiring me to get back to organizing and cleaning it out!


    • Oh wow, thank you so much Gabi! Please let me know how you get on with your wardrobe, would love to hear! 🙂 xx

  • Windowsill Writings

    Great post ! Thanks for sharing.

  • I think I need to work on finding my personal style. Everything you wear looks effortless and chic. I’d love to have a style that was “me”. Thanks for all of these tips (and the ones on Facebook). I’m excited to get started (again).

    • I literally went what you were going through when I moved to London 2 years ago! You’re not alone 🙂 Just remember quality over quantity and give yourself guidelines. It will all come together 🙂 x