almost spring…

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holding on just a bit

This winter was my most productive season as of yet since moving to London and I think overall too. I’ve become more active, health-conscious and motivated to make some major lifestyle changes. Most of all, goals were drafted and I’m meeting them if not surpassed them. I would say that spring is just around the corner, but two things: I really don’t want things to change just too drastically and it’s just too bloody cold to even think about Spring!

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{recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs

a few things

My new years resolution was to do more of me-time. That’s a bit of a intangible goal to quantify, so I started investing in some candles that I only light when I do stuff for myself like watch Netflix, read a magazine or book, take a bath. The more candles I go through, the more I can see I’ve been taking care of myself. This candle from Next is so beautifully scented with white jasmine and is perfect for my desk too! I can’t wait until it’s done as I have some ideas of what I’m going to do with the holder.

Wednesdays are my blog day and that means I need to have my manicure on point. Usually after preparing everything for the next day, I have dinner and then sit down with my flatmates and we catch up and paint our nails. Zoya so graciously sent me this Whispers collection for 2016 and the colors are just SO beautiful and so perfect for the London street style.

Okay, the Lipcote isn’t supposed to be red, but I’ve been wearing a lot more lipstick lately. I feel as if it seals my entire look together. Does that make sense? I almost don’t even recognize myself if I have a few days of meetings and very little time without make-up on. But this stuff makes sure your lipstick stays on your lips the entire day. Be sure to moisturize before apply lipstick and then a thick layer of Lipcote!

{recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs {recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs

chicken shop, crouch end

Alina and I one afternoon went out to Crouch End after doing a bit of shooting and admin work for the blog. To be completely honest, I hadn’t been so far out of central in such a long time. But Crouch End is gorgeous! Every little shop and cafe was incredibly inviting. Chicken Shop was just perched there in the corner and walking through the doors we were greeted into a warm cave with patches of sunlight seeping through and the air fumed with rotisserie. I wasn’t the slightest peckish, until I walked in… Personally, I recommend everything off the menu {it’s a humble menu}, especially the margarita {x 2}.

{recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs
{recently loving} via chevrons & éclairs

desk space

Working in and out of cafes, libraries and my room was becoming old very, very fast. The consultancy team and client meetings are in our office space, but I don’t really like to work on the blog from there. It’s more of a corporate environment and I like to keep things a bit more delicate here on c&é. I was in great need of a working space and so I searched the great internet for a few months now and finally found the perfect desk and chair that fits a little nook in my room!

What are some things you have come across or loved recently?