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a bit of a disclaimer

As many of you know already from reading about my morning routine that I am most definitely a morning person. The actual business hours are much too cluttered and the work can be a bit overwhelming so these apps unfortunately don’t get used as much during working hours. My mornings (and sometimes evenings), however, are extremely productive and usually get me sorted for the busy day ahead. These apps make planning and pre-planning for the day that much easier. (My convoluted way of telling you why I’m in pajamas in these photos)

I teamed up with CaseApp.com to share this as they made working early mornings (and usually late, late nights) that much easier as they adorned my tech gear in a custom iPhone case and custom laptop skin. The marble detail is a nice clean way to enjoy the morning white light and it’s definitely on brand… There’s a discount code below, so you can design your own too!

{favorite productivity apps} via chevrons & éclairs


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It was when I was stopped at Heathrow on my way back to London, stopped and harassed that I decided to make the move from a physical agenda to a digital calendar. Border control decided to pick apart my entire life and it was the end of that. I understand crossing vague and questionable borders shouldn’t be a casual hobby of someone’s, but asking about the importance of “period” dates isn’t either. iCal sorts out my editorial calendar, consult meetings, blog events and personal dates too. It’s all color coordinated and syncs with my phone and every other application easily.


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Making lists should be an olympic sport and I would be there (representing the US, UK or India?) taking home the gold. It’s the perfect way to organize thoughts, ideas and put together lists to share with the team. We have a workflow for the consultancy, but I use Evernote for the blog side to coordinate trips and collaborations. You can share them easily via email and send out links if need be.

{favorite productivity apps} via chevrons & éclairs


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I’m a recent fan of todoist and if you follow me on Twitter you will often find me singing praise to the app. It’s a proper list-making app for each day and the week ahead. You can organize things by projects (ie. blog, consult, personal) and it gives you the ability to see everything you need to do in one go rather than juggling multiple lists. Again color coordinated, do you see a theme here?


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A bit different from the other apps to be honest. Coffitivity was introduced to me back when I was in graduate school and it’s the first thing I turn to when I sit at my desk first thing in the morning. It’s an app that gives you white noise of a cafe, parisian bistro, a mess hall, the beaches of brazil, you name it. The white noise supposedly helps your productivity and the app basically wrote my MA dissertation for me. You can control the volume and include music with an added layer if you’d like. They also have a desktop feature that works equally well!

{favorite productivity apps} via chevrons & éclairs

Genius Scan

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The unfortunate side of running your own business is when you have to do accounts. As you can imagine, running a blog + consultancy means I have to be extra careful. Instead of storing all the receipts in my cubicle of a bedroom or office, I can jut scan them with my phone and send them off either via email (or in my case store them on Dropbox). Makes life super easy because I can just upload receipts on the go and not worry about it all come tax season.

Special thanks to CaseApp.com for supporting this post, all views are always my own. Also, you can get your own custom iPhone case or laptop skin with the 20% discount code CHEVRONS20. The offer expires 5 August 2016!

  • Laurie

    You are so efficient. I really like the idea of using genius scan and doing half your accounts as you go. This was a lot of fun to read, Supal. Thanks!

    • I try to be as efficient as possible haha. Thanks Laurie, will try to incorporate more of these types of posts! x

  • This is an organization lovers dream post! I love Evernote, but I think I need to download the rest of these stat!!

  • Paige Allison

    These sound awesome! I’m super old school and love a paper planner… It’s big and I can color code activities so I can easily see what the day (and week) holds for us. But hell, I went to college and grad school in a time when we still took paper notes. I’m old.

    • Oh I was definitely that person with a physical planner until I was stopped at every border. A personal diary is the easiest way for border control to find loopholes in your (very honest) story to prevent you from entering a country. Unless it’s a digital password locked device, then they can’t go through that (i.e. phones and laptops). Entering/exiting shanty borders, I had to make the switch 🙁 Otherwise I LOVE writing in a diary – had a whole check, star, dash system that I used since 4th grade haha

  • That is a gorgeous case and this post speaks to my OCD organized self 😉

  • Tessa Juliette

    love the cases! and thanks for the great app recommendations!

    Tessa | http://www.travelwheretonext.com

  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    I have started to use my digital planners on my phone a bit more, but I still like a physical planner.
    I’m with Paige, I went to undergrad and graduate school when we still used pen and paper. People had just started bringing their computers at the end of my graduate years. 🙂

    • I totally miss a digital planner myself, but can’t be stopped at another immigration border control place for 5+ hours again. Physical planners are the death of my job haha

  • This is going to be off topic, but I wanted to say that I loved your series of snaps today, the one about your workout routine. It was great to listen to someone who pays so much attention to how their body responds to workout (I cut my gym days in favour of yoga days and I feel so much better) and who isn’t avoiding life’s pleasures but is still aware what’s good for them. I hope you can write/talk about it more soon!

    • Hi Karina! I’m so glad you reached out to tell me that! I was a bit hesitant to share it because long snap-stories can be a bit boring haha. I think it’s SO important to do things you really like to do. For me, exploring London is on the list of things I want to be able to do more-so I give myself proper breaks in the week to go on long walks. So, I’m happy to hear you’re taking the time to do yoga. What does your fitness routine usually include? And yes (!!) I’ll definitely try to incorporate more fitness. Might stick to sharing more about it on snapchat, so be on the look out!

      Thank you again for taking the time to reach out, Karina!

      • Thank you for your reply! I try to do 20–30 minutes of yoga every morning, mainly gentle stretching and balancing. Twice a week I go to a proper yoga class after work. I find it important to have a teacher correct my posture, it’s also more challenging than my personal practice. Every weekend I go to the gym. I had an injury while longboarding last year and to avoid further problems my physiotherapist assigned me a set of exercises to strengthen certain parts of my legs. I also work on my arms, just to feel a bit stronger.
        I feel like it’s all constantly changing. I don’t want to stick blindly to a routine that’s doing me no good, so I try to pay attention and stay open.

        Looking forward to more fitness posts and snaps!

        • I’m the same! I love the idea of constantly changing my routine in the gym. Help keeps things fresh. I am considering starting a yoga class because I get terrible neck and back pain from sitting at a desk. Do you have a suggestion as to what type of yoga would work?

          • I started with Sivananda Yoga, but I found it too mundane after a while (each class has the same sequence of asanas). Now I do Iyengar Yoga which has many therapeutic variants of classical positions, so it’s a great choice if you have any specific conditions such as chronic back pain, that you’d like to address.

          • OH THIS IS PERFECT! I might send you an email in a few weeks. I’m going through some body pain stuff and might ask for your input! x

  • Laurie

    Lol I came here to comment the same as Karina (below). I already commented on this post, but you snap series last night was really nice to hear! I saw you were doing BBG and was going to take the plunge and buy it. I have the same body type as you and really look to you for advice on health and fitness. I’m planning on buying a cardio machine, if you had to pick one, what would it be?

    • Hi Laurie! Thank you so much for reaching out! I am SO PLEASED to hear that c&é is a place you can come to. Please do let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see/read. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen BBG work on other people, just didn’t want to lose my curves, you know what I mean? As for cardio machine, I would definitely go for an elliptical or rowing machine as it is lighter on the knees-I would talk to you GP though before you make a decision!

  • Such an awesome list of app recommendations. I’m definitely going to look into some of these. Thanks for sharing them!

    Fariha | blog.farihawajid.com

    • Thank you, Fariha! Are there any that you use? I’m always looking for recommendations from fellow business owners! x

      • Well, they’re not really productivity apps, but I love using YNAB for budgeting and I also recently just downloaded Headspace, which is an app that motivates me to have some meditation/relaxation time everyday. I love it!

        • I’ve downloaded both! I love the idea of Headspace. Will keep you updated on how I get on. I’m starting to tap into wellbeing apps, so if you have any more let me know! I found that I literally can’t hide from technology (especially with being a business owner)-so might as well embrace it, huh? Thank you, Fariha! x

  • Marta Pozzan

    Lovely images, cute iphone case. I’ll have to download that app xx


  • Definitely downloading Coffitivity and Todoist! Great post as always x

    • Let me know how you get on with them, Zahra! I can’t believe I’ve been using Coffitivity for 4 years now. Time flies 🙂