mexican coffee smoothie

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inevitable all liquid diet

I’m one of those restless people that constantly needs to be doing something. Basically I love to pile on responsibilities and essentially complicate my life. This means my days are spent behind a desk trying to sort out all my tasks, make lists for my lists and organize my organization plans. Insert a self-portrait to define the acronym, OCD.

By the end of the day, I have finger cramps from typing too much and a fried brain to go along with it. Never taking the easier, simpler route here. And once I get up to turn on the lamp and then start my evening routine to prepare for my trip back home, I find my desk covered in all liquid holding essentials. From two types of glasses, a teacup and a mug, my water tumbler, and layers of glass ring stains on my glass top desk. And on my way home when I wonder why I’m slightly bursting… Well, it’s because I literally have glasses upon glasses of different types of liquids throughout the day. First, coffee then juice then smoothie then juice then tea then maybe leftover smoothie and of course a bunch of water in-between (and most likely a cheeky glass of wine). It’s a habit I’ve always had.

There is one thing and that is all my liquid are not all the bad for you. I tend to make my own smoothies and this was one I concocted and thought it was worth sharing…
{mexican coffee smoothie} via chevrons & éclairs
{mexican coffee smoothie} via chevrons & éclairs {mexican coffee smoothie} via chevrons & éclairs

Thank you VitaCoco UK for the supplies!

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