splash of color

{splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs

history lesson

in collaboration with BODEN photographed by JOE GALVIN

You’d think growing up in the tropical lands of Florida I would be more concerned with colors and patterns. My childhood outings in the neighborhood meant streets were laden with bermuda shorts, pungent colors of bathing suits paired with denim shorts, cool hues of peaches and yellows to keep the humidity and heat at bay.

I was once colorful. My closet consisted of every hue of hot and bubble gum pink. My short lived days of being a “brace face” was also an opportunity to have bands that alternated colors of blues and greens. A bit over the top when I look back, to be honest.

Even in university days did my closet consist of the most abstract combination of colors and patterns. From youthful pinks to blues in my adolescence, I wasn’t ready to divorce my roots. It was when I made my move to DC did I realize in the metro I was among a sea of various shades of black, and there is such a thing. Slowly my dress became more conservative and I started to blend in with the mass of government officials. Little did I know that my future held no possibility of bringing brights back. From government to corporate, I redefined “50 shades of grey” to associate more with sartorial belonging.

{splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs
{splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs {splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs

what I wore

blouse c/o BODEN skirt c/o BODEN coat c/o BODEN shoes c/o BODEN
sunnies c/o BODEN purse c/o BODEN


As blogging became more prominent in my life, I started to play with color again. This wasn’t until I moved to London, where black, blacker and blackest were the color options in most stores. Cue Boden, and their selection of gorgeous and sophisticated brights, has reintroduced me to my roots. Albeit, this time with a little refinement. Boden recently celebrated their 25th birthday and we celebrated with a walk through Boden’s colorful past on the pavements and through the mews of London.

I chuckled a bit when I was asked to put together an outfit that was “colorful” because my closet mostly includes those greys and blacks mentioned above. Though, I was able to take these bright pieces from a morning of meandering with bloggers to the office and an evening meeting quite seamlessly.

A very happy 25th birthday to you, Boden, may the next 25 be absolutely vibrant!

{splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs
{splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs {splash of color} via chevrons & éclairs

  • Oh the same thing happened to me! I’m mexican and I pretty much used to dress like a piñata haha… for me it was all about having fun and making a statement!
    Then I moved to Paris and although the first years I tried to hold onto my love for a colorful wardrobe, now looking at my closet I see that most of it is black white… and now I’m all about having pieces that I can mix and wear to any occasion.
    I love this post it reminds me that wearing colorful looks isn’t necessarily the opposite of looking well put together.
    You look beautiful! That coat is everything, and I just love the location of the photos 🙂
    Ambitieuse Paris

    • HAHA! Like a piñata <3 Being Indian, I can completely understand. I'm so glad you left such a sweet comment and we were able to connect on Instagram! Hopefully you'll be in Paris when Im there again next and perhaps go on a photo walk! Enjoy your time in Mexico, I've literally been wanting to eat EVERYTHING you've been posting on stories 🙂 xx

  • Sarah

    you make colours look so good! Where did you find that lovely wall? xxx

  • THIS is the kind of color that I like. Way to go girl. It suits you so much.

    • Thank you so much, J! I love how we were talking about darker color palettes not too long ago on snapchat and then I show up with a pink coat haha <3 x

  • Paige Allison

    You did the color bands on your braces?! Hahaha! I didn’t get mine until I was 16 so I kept to classic silver. But I remember being in 5th grade and thinking the colors were so fun and wished that I had braces so I could do it too. I’m also mostly a neutral dresser – if there is a pop of color, it’s toned down. And I think I told you before, but I love love love those sunnies on you!

    • YES I DID THE COLOR BANDS. I was in primary school so it was the thing to do to fit in. I also had them on for only a few months, so needed to embrace the brace culture. You should have seen me on the tube that morning among the sea of black haha!

  • Simply beautiful

  • Lindsay Katherine

    I love you in color!! That main wall image reminded me of Amanda : ) You look radiant in these photos, and I even spy a hint of a smile – I just realized you’re usually not smiley smiley in your pictures, and I can never get over how chic and elegant you are.

  • Amanda

    You are gorgeous! I love Boden and found you through their instagram : )

  • Beautiful shade of pink =o) I also like to have a colorful wardrobe even though at times it seems like I have more black and greys.


    • So I totally tried the whole black outfit and the whole grey outfit and popped on that pink coat and it’s a great way to tone down color and force it to act like a neutral! You just might have to invest in a colorful coat now 😉 Hope you are well! xx

  • Things She Loves

    I don’t normally do color either, but you put this outfit together so perfectly. I love your stuff, sending good vibes from LA


  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    I’m definitely more of a neutral dresser as well. My favorite color is black, but as A tells me, “Black isn’t a color Mama, it’s a shade.”
    I love that pink on you. You can rock all shades my dear.

  • Thank you!! It has definitely been popular with you lot, going to keep it 🙂 x

  • I love seeing you in such a lovely color and your description of growing up in FL is just perfect. Beautiful captures as always!

  • Beautiful coat. You look lovely! xx


  • Dylana

    That coat is super lovely!



  • Marta Pozzan
  • Beauty Follower