spotting colorful houses

{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs

frolicking through the streets

When I first moved to London, I always tried to get photographs taken in Notting Hill or anywhere I could find pretty pastel colored houses lined up so it’s easy to take a shot. I even decided to live in West London to accommodate my blog goals of capturing such houses. Eventually I got out of this black hole that is colored houses and started branching out. Slowly I realize Georgian brick houses are actually not that ugly and host a deep history and Victorian houses are quite romantic.

Fast forward a year and a few months and now I live in very central London where architectural uniformity is not a thing. I was reunited with Notting Hill and its pretty houses for a Boden color walk and then kept visiting shortly after Kristabel gave me a few good reasons as to why I need to frequent Notting Hill.

So here’s a guide to some of the colorful streets of London that you don’t want to miss if you are just visiting or live here, but stuck in the opposite rut that are Georgian brick houses and Victorian romanticism.

what I’m wearing

blouse c/o JOULES cardigan c/o JOULES jeans c/o JOULES heels c/o BODEN purse COACH lipstick AMAZING GRACE via CHARLOTTE TILBURY jewelry c/o J.LAUREN

{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs
{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs {spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs

North London

North London has a unique, artistic vibe to it. Full of quirky shops, independent coffee shops, incredible exotic cuisine. You will find a lot of young professionals living and around there as it inhabits so much for the younger crowd. I don’t frequent as much to north London, but that is sure going to change as some of the leading chefs are popping open their Michelin-graded restaurants there.

Kelly Street, NW1
Chalcot Crescent, NW1
Falkland Road, NW5
Bonny Street, NW1

{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs

West London

Truly iconic for it’s pastel-hued houses lined and forming squares in random parts of West London. There is definitely a ‘west is best’ vibes when people first think of London. Since living here, I found the crowd to be just slightly older though polished. Lots of great restaurants that have built a heritage here. With an abundance of shops, boutiques, high-end streets galore. Many locales are very the place to be seen, but Notting Hill doesn’t and never will, lose it’s charm.

Denbigh Terrance, W11
Conduit Mews, W2
Portobello Road, W11
Lancaster Road, W11
Westbourne Park Road, W11
Chiswick Road, W4
Wingate Road, W6

{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs {spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs

{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs

South London

Where yours truly resides, South(west) London is the home of posh-shopping and chic boroughs of Knightsbridge and Chelsea where we have Harrods. Establishments cater to all budgets and tastes and residences are notably all white Victorian houses or a little sprinkle of colored ones in the borough of Kensington.

Trevor Square, SW7
Bywater Street, SW3
Oakley Street, SW3

{spotting colorful houses} via chevrons & éclairs

  • Sarah

    So lovely! I miss London so much! xxx

  • Oh so many beautiful coloured houses! It kills me a little inside that we have a law in Edinburgh that states we aren’t allowed to paint the walls, and all the stone has to stay a specific shade of boring grey – even the railings have a colour code of black!

    The Little Things x

    • Haha! I totally remember that about Edinburgh. However, on both occasions I visited, Edinburgh was so sunny and very magical! You just need to visit London more often!

  • Love the outfit, those shoes are so lovely!
    London really does have such a good mix of architecture 🙂
    You’re lucky to have beautiful photo op’s on your doorstep!

    Starlight & Stitches

  • Lindsay Katherine

    Boden’s clothes are so lovely and classic. I spent a few weeks in London in college, and your posts always make me long to go back to visit all the darling places you photograph! Do you think you’ll stay in London for a while?

    • Yes they are! These are Joules clothes however, you can also get them in the US! The only Boden I’m wearing are the shoes. And yes, I think I will be staying put in London for a while and with that question, you inspired me to write about something 🙂

  • Like I said on IG – that’s an outfit I could get behind.
    Those houses are so gorgeous! One day I’ll make it over there…

  • Paige Allison

    I love those pastel row houses! It seems so quaint and… British.

  • Katharine Jane Schweitzer

    Ooooo! I wish I had known about the north London colorful houses streets when I visited in the summer and stayed at an airbnb in Camden Town!

  • Leah G.

    You are so beautiful!

  • Catherine Vargas

    Beautiful town, I love the colors 🙂

  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Very cute outfit!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • These pictures are so pretty, love your hairstyle. I have a soft spot for pastel coloured houses! xx

  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    I love seeing this side of London. I spent most of my time up in Cambridge and have seen very little of London, but these neighborhoods look so quaint!
    And this outfit….totally up my alley! That sweater is gorgeous!

    • Usually, these parts of London is swarming of tourists, but early mornings is key! So when you visit again we’ll go early in the morning! There’s a REALLY nice coffee shop across the street we’ll go to as well 🙂 x

  • how cute! I love the pastel colored houses!

  • Kaitlin