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{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs

4 seasons; 1 day

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It’s true when they say that you can see all four seasons in one day on any typical day in London. It will start off as slightly warm and sunny in the morning, just a bit grey near the afternoon, rain in the late afternoon and then it’s freezing in the evening. I’ve fallen victim to the weather and have gone back home to change into something more seasonably appropriate before. And please don’t even bother looking at the weather app. I think it’s safe to say that my constant bickering conversation point about weather has earned me the British seal of approval.

But I digress… With that said, seasonal sartorial awareness has been a skill I had to hone and perfect. With winter quickly turning into spring, I thought I would share some of my favorite transitional staples that are timeless and can take you from one season to the next, or if you’re in the London, one hour to the next.

{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs

the bretton tee & navy blazer

trousers c/o JOULES tee c/o JOULES blazer c/o JOULES loafers c/o BODEN watch c/o LARSSON & JENNINGS purse COACH

My flatmate laughs at me whenever I do my laundry. My drying rack is usually consumed with striped tees of all assortments and it’s the one thing I grab if I can’t come up with an outfit. It’s the perfect layering piece especially with a navy blazer screams Parisian-chic. And if it’s a tad too cold, try a cocoon jacket to go on top. My 2 favorite places to get a quality striped tee are Boden and Joules and I like to grab inspiration on different ways to style a striped tee and place them right here.

{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs {transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs

{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs

silk shirt & cropped trousers

silk blouse c/o BODEN jeans LEVIS purse COACH

Let’s go back to when I graduated university. After walking across the stage, being handed my diploma and making my way across, I realized that the real-life qualms were upon me. I felt like I was truly an adult, albeit having very college plans for the few weeks ahead. Shopping for my first job was a bit of a nightmare as I was new to the world of obtaining quality pieces instead of Target-throwaways. Silk shirts became the perfect pieces for wearing with just about anything and transitioning from weekday to weekend wardrobe. Those few silk shirts have done me well in these years and I continue to wear them today even though tailored suits are not the daily sartorial norm. Pair with ankle grazing trousers for just a bit of a teaser to warm weather.

{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs
{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs {transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs
{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs

tunic to a dress

tunic c/o JOULES jacket c/o JOULES boots c/o JOULES nail polish COURTNEY c/o ZOYA NAIL POLISH

I’ve complained about dresses shrinking and turning into tunics, pair them with trousers or leggings and you’ve got yourself a winter outfit. Going from winter gear to warmer weather things can be a bit tricky. I personally like to hunt for longer tunics about mid thigh or more and pair it with tights in the winter and then tights or boots as the weather gets warmer.
PS – here are some tips on how to simplify your wardrobe.

{transitional staples} via chevrons & éclairs

  • Sarah

    love these classic outfits, supal! xxx

  • Monique

    Loving your looks! I am an habitual striped shirt wearer too! I always grab for it in a pinch for time to get dressed. Thank you for sharing!


    Monique Nicol || @monique_nicol

    • YES. I seriously have so many different colors. Recent combination I’ve seen is poppy stripes with an army green scarf. Was afraid to look like christmas when I tried it, but SO chic.

  • I just bought a navy blazer as well! Blazers are a great transitional piece from coats to something a little lighter!


    Tamara –

  • Hanna

    I love your style! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to have to pin a few of these photos –Like Hanna

  • I knew that London had gloomy weather but I never knew just how erratic is was! It must be annoying to have to change so many times but at least you got to wear some great outfits & get some lovely photos done!


    • HA. It’s seriously THE WORST. I totally forget that it’s an island sometimes, which is why it’s a nightmare 90% of the time. Today: The sun was out and now is gone and temperature is expected to drop at 2pm with rain. It was the same yesterday except the rain was hail 🙁

  • Lea G.

    You are beautiful, Supal!! Love the blazer outfit so much xo

  • Those black loafers are my kind of shoe. I really love that white top with the funky buttons, too.

  • Tiffany {A Touch of Grace}

    I feel like this post was written for me. Seattle and London are like twin cities. The weather is so bipolar. Just a few days ago it was snowing, then warmed up to 52 degrees.
    I love the black loafers and stripes are like my fashion love language.

    • Haha! I actually had you and J in mind when I was writing this. Thinking of what would be chic, easy and acceptable for different weathers. I’m not even kidding! x

  • I have a number of striped tshirts as well =o) I love wearing stripes so much that I even have a long sleeve striped sweater that I love to wear when it’s really cold out =o) You can never go wrong with stripes

    • HAHA we are truly two peas in a pod. I love the idea of a red stripe and an olive scarf. So classic and gorgeous. LOVE a good stripey jumper too 🙂 x

  • Paige Allison

    I seriously LOVE that jacket. If only I didn’t live in the land of eternal summer… Just kidding, I love summer.

    And it’s it’s not a solid, it’s a stripe for me – other patterns can be so busy! You look chic, as always 🙂

    • YOU DONT NEED THE JACKET. If you ever want to borrow it for the 4 minute it’s cold in Texas, I’ll send it to you.

  • Wow beautiful outfits! My favorite is the crisp white shirt and denim. #classic

    • Thank you, Kashia! I’m starting to love the idea of tucking in shirts in high waisted jeans. YAY to no more low rise haha